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Ball Stop Nets

Ball stop nets are an important piece of equipment in sporting activities. They not only protect spectators from the risk of being hit by balls, but also keep the game going, as there is no need to search for balls which go off the playing field.

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Ball Stop Nets Make Sport More Fun

Particularly in soccer, balls miss the goal more often than they land in it. To keep any interruption in play as short as possible, ball nets or ball fences are installed on playing fields. This has the additional advantage of preventing the ball from hitting the spectators. So a ball fence not only ensures that the game goes smoothly, but also fulfils a protective function as well.

Our knotless safety nets of high-strength polypropylene fibre offer effective protection. A thickness of 3 mm is sufficient for amateur sports grounds. A ball net with a material thickness of 4 or 5 mm is able to cope with greater demands. A mesh size of 120 mm suffices and is the prime choice here. We are happy to help you find the right safety net for your sport.

Of course, other types of sport place other demands on sports nets. For example, in golf or ice hockey the golf ball or puck can become dangerous missiles. Safetynet365 offers specially designed ball nets for many different types of sport, including indoor soccer, handball, volleyball, hockey, badminton, tennis, cricket, baseball and squash. We have the right net for every sport.


Safety Nets for Every Sport – Unique and Made to Measure

All the ball nets available from Safetynet365 are of durable quality and well able to meet the highest demands. Thanks to their UV-stability and weather-resistance, the sports nets are designed for outdoor use, but can equally be used in sports halls. The ball net for your sports ground or sports hall can be ordered by the square meter and is individually made to measure.
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