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Sport Nets for Home Use

Whether you want to play with the ball with the kids in the garden, need new screens for your own tennis court or want to archery privately, high-quality sports nets for all sports you get at Safetynet365! In addition to various goal nets, tennis court blinds and archery nets, you can also get safety nets for model flying as well as ball stop nets with which you can keep the balls on your property.



Goal Nets for the Garden

Not only girls and boys love to play soccer in their own green, but also adults like to show what they are made of. And with the right goals as well as robust goal nets, the thing is really fun. Also for your own garden you can buy at Safetynet365 high-quality goal nets for various sports such as soccer, handball or field hockey. Choose the right net for your needs between different dimensions in height and width as well as thickness and color.

Our goal nets are characterized by reliable weather resistance and first-class workmanship. The nets are made of tear-resistant polypropylene. No matter for which sport you need one of our nets, you will receive a durable quality product. Our sports nets are an investment for every garden and sports field that pays off over the long term!


Ball Stop Nets - More Safety and Comfort

Not every neighbor likes to throw a ball back over that has gone astray, and not every garden is far from traffic. Play it safe and use our ball stop nets to provide more safety and comfort for you and especially for your children!

The task of a ball stop net is already in the name: For example, if a ball flies far beyond the home soccer goal in the garden, the net reliably catches it. With the ball net, the neighborly peace is preserved, adjacent traffic is spared from flying balls and you have one worry less. The right net is a win-win for everyone involved. And to ensure that the protective sports net performs its task reliably and for a long time, we manufacture our ball stop nets according to high quality standards and your required dimensions.

You can choose from different dimensions of the safety nets in terms of net height and width, as well as mesh size. We offer ball catcher nets for all kinds of sports from soccer and volleyball to badminton or squash nets. Our ball stop nets are also made of weather-resistant polypropylene and of course you can buy the required posts and other accessories for the safety nets conveniently online at Safetynet365.


Archery Nets for Private Use

Archery is a popular sport that inspires more and more people. You can set up your own area for shooting with a bow with comparatively little effort if you have a suitable plot of land. Especially important for this are suitable archery protection nets, for which you should choose a high product quality without exception.

The sports nets at Safetynet365 offer you just this high and reliable quality. With us you order fine-mesh arrow nets conveniently online in different dimensions such as different net heights and widths - suitable for your property and garden. Choose one of three colors for your net and determine the right width and height at the sports net made to measure. If you still need suitable fastening material, you can also simply buy the accessories directly. In addition, you benefit with our sports and safety nets from a short manufacturing and delivery time.


Tennis Court Screens for your Own Court

On your own tennis court, for example, at the back of the garden, you want to be able to practice and play undisturbed. A surrounding dense hedge provides protection from prying eyes and a certain wind protection. You can support this effect with suitable tennis court screens made of high-quality and weather-resistant material. This quality is offered by our first-class screens, which can be easily attached to an existing wire mesh fence, among other things, using the eyelets on the edge reinforcement of the tarpaulins.

At Safetynet365 you order your tennis court screens conveniently made to measure. You determine the required dimensions - gladly also with the distance of the tarpaulin eyelets. In addition, you choose the desired color and receive, if necessary, suitable accessories such as snap hooks, steel cables or a lead cord to weigh down the screens in the ground area.


Drone Nets and Model Flight Safety Nets

Model aircraft are the passion of many modelers and hobby drone pilots. However, this sport also brings with it various regulations that serve to protect yourself and others, as well as road and air traffic. If you would like to set up your own model flying field on your property or want to exploit the potential of drones as far as possible for yourself, then find out about our drone nets and model flying safety nets.

In addition to safeguarding people and traffic, the special protective nets for drones and model flying also serve to protect the flying objects themselves. Our nets are far more flexible than a rigid fence and reliably intercept drones or model aircraft. With the high flexibility and optimal mesh size of the safety nets, you can significantly increase the chance of an unharmed impact. Our sports nets have already proven themselves in this respect many times over. Furthermore, you receive weather-resistant safety nets of high quality made of polypropylene - and precisely for your required dimension.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which Arrow Net in the Garden?

To ensure safe and comfortable archery on your own property or sports field, it is important to make some preparations and, above all, a reliable protective net. Also, the correct installation of the net is crucial to obtain the maximum safety. When choosing an arrow net, look for, among other things, a weather-resistant and extremely fine-meshed net that will provide sufficient shooting safety for common bows. In fact, the purchase decision also depends on what sports equipment you want to shoot. Certain bows or even crossbows have a higher penetrating power and may require more protection than others. It is best to let us advise you directly and in detail. We will be happy to help you!


How Many Meshes Has a Goal Net?

This is a trick question that is often asked by "proven" soccer experts. Of course, the large and small soccer associations around the world have clear specifications as to how a soccer goal must be constructed. However, a specific mesh size and, in particular, a specific number of meshes are not among them. The mesh size should logically be designed so that the net catches the ball safely. The net itself, in turn, must not become a tripping hazard for the players. Bundesliga goal nets with the usual mesh size of 120 mm x 120 mm and a free net suspension without stirrups have approximately 2,900 - 3,000 meshes.


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