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Cargo Cover Nets

Trailer nets as well as container nets and cargo webbing nets are used to secure loads on cars, trailers and containers as well as on vans and flatbeds. In the following, you will learn more about the different trailer nets as well as the available sizes and mesh sizes.



Load Securing Nets

Load securing nets are used to secure loads in cars, on trailers and in vans. The cover nets are designed for open loading areas, containers or bins of vehicles and are suitable for covering light, loose products such as green waste, paper or other small parts.

Moreover, proper load securing is not a voluntary matter: According to the German Road Traffic Regulations (StVO), the driver and owner of a vehicle are obliged to secure loads in cars, vans and on trailers. This means that the load must not slip or fall out when swerving or braking, nor during emergency braking. If the load is not appropriately secured, the driver and owner face fines.

To properly secure cargo, the flexible and tear-resistant load securing nets are becoming increasingly popular. In our Safetynet365 store you can buy nets for securing loads on cars as well as cover nets for trailers, containers and flatbeds. Our nets are all DEKRA-certified and thus tested for tear strength. You can get the nets for load securing in different mesh sizes, which you choose according to the load to be secured - we will be happy to advise you on this. In addition, various standard sizes are available for the load securing nets. If you need an individual size, we also manufacture custom-made nets.


Container Cover Nets

Container nets are used to secure loads on open containers and skips. The nets are particularly suitable here because they adapt flexibly to different shapes of the load. Our skip nets are available either with or without an additionally pulled-in rubber tensioning line, which you can use to quickly and easily fix the net to the container. If you decide on a container net without a rubber tensioning cord, you can use expander ropes to fasten the nets.

The standard sizes of our container nets are based on the sizes of standard containers and skips. If you need different sizes for individual containers, we produce nets per square meter made to measure for you.


Heavy Cargo Nets

If you do not want to secure the load by tensioning cover nets over trailers and containers, but want to secure the load itself on the transporter, cargo webbing nets are ideal for securing. Our cargo nets are also ideal if the load cannot be secured. Thanks to the nets, both positive and non-positive securing is then possible.

The webbing nets also protect bulky transport goods such as wheelbarrows or vibrating plates from slipping and falling. This not only protects the load - you also protect yourself and other road users from flying cargo.

The belt strap cargo nets that you buy at Safetynet365 are designed for different types of vehicles: so you get special nets for cars, trailers, vans and different sizes of trucks. To fasten the cargo nets you use belt straps, which are included when you buy the nets. If you need additional tensioning straps or expander ropes, you can order them from us directly with the webbing net.


Frequently Asked Questions

Trailer Net - What Size?

Select the size of the trailer net slightly larger than the trailer actually is. Add about 50 to 100 cm to the length and width measurements of the trailer to calculate the required size of the trailer net. For example, if your trailer is 150 by 300 cm, you will need a trailer net of size 250 by 350 cm. We will be happy to advise you individually on the required size of your trailer net. Our trailer nets are available in various standard sizes as well as custom-made and with different mesh sizes.


How To Attach A Trailer Net?

Trailers usually have attachment points on all sides. So you can stretch the trailer net directly over the rubber tension lines, which are included with many of our cover nets, securely and firmly around the trailer opening. If you have a trailer net without integrated rubber tensioning lines, use expander ropes, which are also available in our store.


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