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Industrial Nets, Other Applications

Safety nets for industry include personal fall safety nets as well as protection nets for buildings, roofs, slopes and ponds. Learn more about netting and the use of safety nets as well as securing nets in industry below.



Flame Retardant Nets

Safetynet365 offers safety nets that are equipped with flame retardancy. This means that the safety nets are flame retardant according to fire protection class B1 according to DIN 4102-1 and extinguish by themselves after removing the source of the fire. The flame retardancy is woven directly into the basic fibers of our safety nets. Thus, the professional nets do not lose their flame-retardant effect even after several years of outdoor use.

Flame-retardant protective nets are used primarily when a great deal of importance is attached to fire protection: for example, in public buildings such as theaters or at events, or generally in fire-prone areas.

We offer flame-retardant safety nets in various mesh sizes, rope diameters, colors and custom-made to the required size. The professional nets are also available as personal safety nets, with which you can catch falling persons and protect them from injury. To facilitate the installation, our safety nets are chained with additional ropes.


Privacy Nets And Shading Nets

Privacy nets and shading nets are used commercially, among other things, on industrial and sports facilities as well as construction sites, if you need to protect areas from prying eyes or too much sunlight. Our privacy and shading nets are available in different shading degrees with up to 90% shading effect. Furthermore, our protective nets can also serve as protection against strong wind.

On construction sites, you install privacy nets, for example, on construction fences to ensure safety and an appropriate working atmosphere. Thanks to the professional nets, you also protect, for example, building materials, tools and machines from the eyes of casual thieves.

Professional nets for privacy protection and shading are available in the Safetynet365 store in various colors as well as optionally with 50 or 90% shading effect made to measure.


Windscreen Netting

Windbreak nets are so finely meshed that they provide reliable wind protection for people, animals and buildings. In addition, however, the professional nets are air-permeable enough that they do not inflate in strong winds. In industry, these protective nets are used, for example, in warehouses, where, unlike closed walls, they provide good air circulation while protecting stored goods. The same applies to animal stables and riding halls: The professional nets keep out drafts and rain, but still ensure a balanced climate.

In sports, windbreak nets ensure fair conditions on the playing field even in windy weather. In sports with light balls such as badminton, for example, a windbreak net is important so that the wind does not affect the trajectory of the ball too much. In addition, the protective nets serve as stop nets for stray balls.

Our windbreak nets are made of air-permeable polyethylene fabric and have a shading value of 50%. All windbreak nets are made to measure. The assembly is usually done with ropes, hooks or cable ties, which you can also purchase at Safetynet365.


Snow Fences

Install snow fences on open areas such as meadows and pastures as well as on terrain slopes. On open areas, the professional nets catch snow drifts and thus ensure that not too much snow lands on roads and other traffic routes. Used on slopes and embankments, snow guard fences reduce the risk of avalanches.

Our snow fences are made of rot-proof polyethylene fabric and have woven-in rods, via which you can easily anchor the snow guard net in the ground. A snow guard fence from the Safetynet365 store is 110 cm high and 50 m long - if necessary, set up several nets next to each other. Here, make sure to install the fences offset from each other, so that the game can pass unhindered. Also keep in mind that these protective nets only serve to catch snow. On the other hand, to protect people from falling, use our safety nets for people.


Cargo Transport Nets

You use cargo transport nets when you need to transport goods and materials by air or by crane. The professional nets are often used at cargo handling sites, where the nets are moved and controlled by crane to transport various goods from A to B. Other important areas of use for cargo nets are air rescue and emergency service missions, where foodstuffs, for example, are transported by air.

At Safetynet365 you can get cargo transport nets in different material thicknesses and mesh sizes. This results in different maximum payloads of the professional nets - choose the net that suits your needs. You can also get ropes or suspension gears in our store.


Leaf Nets

Leaf nets can be stretched over ponds, swimming pools and other bodies of water that you want to prevent from being polluted by leaves. Thanks to the installation of nets, you save a certain amount of cleaning effort of pond, pool and co. The leaves are intercepted by the net before they get into the water. However, this not only benefits pond cleaning or pond maintenance, but also helps to maintain the ecosystem in the pond, as no excessive nutrients get into the water.

When using a leaf net, make sure that it is only designed for catching leaves and does not catch falling people. For personal protection, use our personal safety nets for ponds and the like instead.

In the Safetynet365 store you can buy in different material diameters as well as colors in individual size. For complete cover of swimming pools also offer our leaf protection fabrics.


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