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Barrier Nets, Screens & Shading Nets

Barrier nets, privacy nets and windbreak nets offer practical and comfortable uses. While you use privacy nets to protect your privacy, windbreak nets ensure cozier areas around the house and garden even in stronger gusts. Barrier nets, on the other hand, can be used, for example, to clearly delimit your property or specific parts of it, as well as a boundary fence for animals kept outdoors.

All our barrier, privacy and windbreak nets are made of high quality and weather resistant materials that will not weather even with long use. In addition, our safety nets are made of fabric that is harmless to health. If you need a net in a special dimension, please feel free to contact us at any time. We will manufacture your barrier, privacy or winch protection net to fit exactly!



Windbreak Nets for Home and Garden

Our windbreak nets are suitable for a wide range of applications in private living spaces as well as in the garden. For example, provide a cozy and wind-protected atmosphere on the terrace or balcony. Protect your animals in the stable or private enclosure from drafts and stronger gusts. The windbreak nets from Safetynet365 allow you a flexible use and a convenient attachment with eyelets, cable ties and snap hooks. The nets or fabrics are made of highly tear-resistant and UV-resistant polypropylene. Thanks to high durability, the purchase is a real investment in both effective and durable wind protection.

Whether you need a windbreak net for horses or rabbits, whether you want to upgrade your terrace or balcony, consider using our proven safety and protective nets. Our nets offer you a high degree of flexibility, individual design and enduring robustness, especially when sold by the meter. Convince yourself and use our contact service. We look forward to your inquiry!


Privacy Nets and Shading Nets

Undisturbed privacy within your own four walls as well as in the garden is a valuable asset. Privacy nets and shading nets help you in a flexible way to create hidden areas around the house and garden, where you and your family are protected from prying eyes. In addition, thanks to the minimum 50% shading value of our nets, you get an extra sun protection added to the privacy protection. Shade nets with higher weight even have a shading value of up to 90 percent.

In addition to the classic green, black or white, shade nets and privacy nets are also available in many other different colors in the online store at Safetynet365, so that you can optimally adapt the net to the desired appearance or the environment. Of course, our privacy nets are also characterized by excellent quality and a high-strength polypropylene fabric.

Use privacy nets, among other things, for the balcony, garden fences or terrace to provide a harmonious and, above all, undisturbed atmosphere in the specific area. By the way, our privacy nets are still permeable to air and water despite high opacity and high shading value. Therefore, even on hot days, there is no unpleasant accumulation of heat on the terrace or balcony. Do you need a special shape? Contact us - we will be happy to advise you!


Barrier Nets - Alternative or Supplement to the Fence

The usual way to delimit a plot of land is garden fences or hedges. Both variants have proven their worth and have advantages and disadvantages. Increasingly, households are also using barrier nets to define the boundaries of their property. The nets can be used separately or together with fences, for example. Barrier nets offer you a high degree of flexibility, individual design options and convenient fastening, for which you do not need an expert.

Simply attach your nets to wooden posts and existing fences with eyelets, cable ties or snap hooks. Furthermore, use a barrier net to secure the courtyard driveway or access to public road traffic. In this way, you protect especially small children, but also animals or elderly people from carelessly running into the street. If you need a specific size for the net, choose our yard goods. Benefit now from our weatherproof and highly tear-resistant barrier nets. Choose from different colors to match your property and other fences. Order needed nets now directly online in Safetynet365 store!


Frequently Asked Questions

How High can a Privacy Screen be?

Before installing a privacy fence or a higher privacy net on the neighboring border, be sure to check with the local building authority for the applicable regulations in your region. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. In many communities, building close to the border with a privacy screen at a distance of 50 cm or more from the border and a height of 1.80 meters does not require a permit. However, in many regions the local custom also applies.

Again, if in doubt, you will benefit from the use of a privacy net, as you can easily remove it should the need arise. In general, we recommend that you talk to your neighbors before installing a higher privacy screen. If they do not feel disturbed by it, the neighborly peace will be preserved and you will receive your privacy screen as planned.

Note: Keep in mind that even a windbreak net often protects not only from wind, but also from prying eyes. However, the neighbor himself usually benefits from the protection and an early conversation maintains good neighborly relations.


How Far Does the Privacy Screen Need to be From the Property Line?

In many localities, a minimum distance of 50 cm from the neighboring border applies if you want to install or plant a higher privacy screen. With a flexible privacy net, you benefit from easy attachment and individual design. If the neighbors are less enthusiastic about the new privacy screen, it can be easily removed if the worst comes to the worst. Inform your neighbors about the installation at an early stage, then there will usually be no trouble. You can find out the specific distance to the property line and the permitted height of the privacy screen from your local building authority.


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