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Accessories & Installation Materials

In order to be able to tension and mount a safety net correctly, a few aids are required, depending on the situation. At our online shop, we offer all the necessary accessories and extras for safety nets that you require.


You can find tips and instructions for mounting safety nets on our information page about installing safety nets.

Sub-Categories to Accessories & Installation Materials

Accessories for catch nets and safety nets

It often happens that a safety net is supposed to be mounted in a certain area and can only be safely and firmly tensioned by passing a cord or rope through it. From plastic ropes to wire ropes, available either by the meter or as fixed-length ropes, we have everything that you need for your catch and safety nets. In many cases, plastic ropes and cords can be the right thing to use for anchoring your net. A wide variety of materials in different ready-made lengths or available by the meter allow you to choose accessories that are tailor-made for your requirements.


Easy anchorage of safety nets with rope fasteners

Rope end closures are individual components which can be used on the ends of any rope. With these fasteners, unreliable knots are a thing of the past. One end is fastened to the rope, while the other end has a hook for easy, safe attachment. The advantage of this method of anchorage is that the rope and net can be moved somewhere else quickly and easily. A safety net can often only be meaningfully deployed as a part-time net, whenever the need arises. Rope fasteners allow you to remain flexible at all times.


Safety net accessories for correct installation

No matter whether eyelets, hooks, screws, tools or protective bags – you can get all the accessories for your safety net at one address: our shop. This allows you to begin directly installing your safety net on the spot, with no need to hunt elsewhere. You can also find accessories like tension belts, tent pegs and ground anchors in our wide range of extras for your safety net. At the outset, first make the big decision where to install your net, and think about the smaller details after that. As soon as it’s clear which net you need and what size is required, you should select suitable accessories for your safety net. Here, it is important to have some idea of the way you are going to use it and the place where it’s going to be installed. Plan precisely in advance and make sure that your measurements are correct.

Extras like rubber rope loops, cable straps and quick release belt straps offer further options for securing and anchoring safety nets.


Suitable accessories for your safety net

Have a look around our accessory shop for safety nets and find the fastening element that’s right for you. If you have any questions, we’re happy to help. Simply contact us and we’ll provide detailed advice on your safety net accessories.
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