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Building-Site Equipment Netting

In addition to the provision of machines and construction equipment, the safety of the builder, construction workers and passers-by is also important when setting up a construction site. Construction safety nets, construction fences and screens are therefore an essential part of construction site equipment for the purpose of cordoning off and securing. Learn more about this topic!



Building-Site Equipment

Before craftsmen and builders start constructing or converting buildings, the construction site has to be set up. Construction site equipment includes everything you need in terms of production, transport, storage and safety on the construction site. This includes machinery and equipment, as well as storage facilities for them, but also scaffolding and platforms, with the help of which work is done in every area of the construction site. Last but not least, construction fences, construction protection nets and screens for construction site safety are essential for construction site equipment.


Construction Site Fences And Screens

Construction fences are erected as barriers around construction sites to protect the site and to mark danger zones. Construction site screens have a similar function, but also provide visual protection and reliably trap dust and dirt from the construction site.


Buy Construction-Site Fences

You can buy construction-site fences and protection nets in Safetynet365 store made of practical, durable plastic in the signal color orange. The about 1 m high construction fences you get as roll goods with a length of 25 or 50 m. So you can easily roll out the construction fence around the site and set it up for cordoning off. In addition to the conventional models, we also offer construction fences with integrated erection poles, which make it much easier to erect the fence at the construction site. Otherwise, you can buy metal rods directly with your construction fence, which you can work into the fence approximately every 2 to 2.5 m to secure the fence.


Construction Site Fences - What Types Are Available?

Construction site fencing comes in different sizes and heights, so you can make the right choice for protecting and securing your construction site facility. In addition, construction site protection nets differ in their mesh size. In the Safetynet365 store, you can get construction site fences in two different mesh sizes, as well as construction site screens whose mesh is so tight or fine-meshed that the net provides privacy and shade. You can also find mobile fences and construction site protection nets, which you simply anchor in the ground using impact rods and can detach and reposition at any time.


Privacy Netting And Shading Nets

In Safetynet365 store you can get privacy nets and shade nets for construction site equipment. With these nets you can protect some or all construction site areas from the public's view and also give the construction workers some shade on the construction site. Shade nets are available in different variants with up to 90% shading value.


Privacy Netting For Fences

If you want to provide a construction fence with privacy netting, our screens are the perfect solution. The hoarding screens fit exactly on a standard construction fence panel (180 x 345 cm) and are made of air- and water-permeable polyethylene fabric. At the corners, these privacy nets have aluminum eyelets for fastening, at all other points you can insert cable ties directly through the material for fixing.


Privacy Nets Made To Measure

Privacy nets and shading nets for protection and security during construction site installation are available from us both in prefabricated sizes and custom-made per square meter. All custom-made privacy nets have a sewn edge and aluminum eyelets, with the help of which you can easily mount the nets at the desired location. In addition to the individual size, the privacy nets are available in various colors.


Debris Netting

When setting up the construction site, use dust protection nets for scaffold erection and in other places where construction dust may occur. On scaffolding, the builder or contractor ideally attaches debris netting in addition to guardrail nets for fall protection. The nets serve to protect construction workers as well as passers-by from falling objects as well as from escaping construction dust. At Safetynet365 you can buy dust protection nets in different sizes, colors and materials, so that you can find the right dust protection net for every building site.


Construction Site Setup According To Plan

Creating a plan for the construction site setup is almost indispensable for the clarity of the construction site and the required resources. The best way to do this is to graphically represent the area available for the construction site. This gives you an impression of the proportions and determines the space available for machines, scaffolding, protective nets, etc. In addition, thanks to the construction site plan, you can prevent possible collision points with neighboring properties and identify them at an early stage. On the construction site layout plan, you can note the positions of the construction fence, crane parking area and crane slewing area, as well as the scaffolding, platforms, containers and WCs, among other things.

After planning, the owner or contractor discusses the plan with the relevant local authority to take into account any other local circumstances. For example, consider the road traffic in the area of the construction site: Does the construction site affect traffic in any way? If so, traffic signs may need to be erected and matters relating to road traffic law clarified in good time.


Costs Of Construction Site Setup

The costs for construction site equipment include not only the costs for materials such as fencing, safety nets, scaffolding, equipment, etc. You should also plan for the costs of setting up, changing and dismantling the construction site equipment. To ensure that the cost planning is as realistic as possible, the client should have the working time of all employees estimated in advance for the construction site equipment.


Frequently Asked Questions


What Belongs To The Construction Site Equipment?

Construction site equipment includes everything that is necessary for the implementation of the construction project in terms of machinery, transport, storage and safety. Accordingly, cranes, containers, WCs, scaffolding, work platforms, construction fences, safety nets and much more belong to construction site equipment.


What Is Meant By Construction Site Equipment?

Construction site equipment includes all the necessary items that contribute to the success of the construction project. These include, for example, machines used for construction work, containers for storing construction materials and other materials, toilets for construction workers, construction fences for enclosing the construction site, and also safety netting for preventing accidents.


Who Plans A Construction Site Installation?

Normally the builder plans the construction site layout. He can get help and advice from specialist companies for construction site planning, but also from the respective local authority and from expert construction workers or contractors. It is advisable to seek advice, as the client who plans the construction site is also responsible for proper safety precautions.


Who Is Responsible For The Site Installation?

The building owner is responsible for the construction site facilities. He can seek advice and support from the local authority and specialist companies on planning, implementation and safety issues. However, the building owner himself must ensure and assume responsibility for the correct implementation of the construction site equipment and compliance with safety regulations.


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