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Nets for Home & Garden Use

Learn below what you can use the various securing nets in the house and garden and what advantages they bring.

In the garden and household, protective nets are practical helpers in terms of safety for people and animals as well as for plant protection: Garden nets protect plants and lawns from voracious birds, pests and moles, provide wind and privacy and protect children as well as adults from falling into the garden pond.



Animal Netting

Animal protection nets you use, for example, in the garden or on the balcony to protect your animals from predators and falls. Conversely, you use animal protection nets to protect crops and facades from animals. Depending on the size of the animals you want to protect or protect from, select protective nets in different mesh sizes from Safetynet365 store.


Bird Netting

You can install bird protection nets in the garden, for example on fruit trees or over vegetable beds, to protect your harvest from being eaten by birds. If you have poultry such as chickens or geese in your garden, protective netting is a good way to protect them from predators when they are outdoors. You can also install protective nets on balconies to prevent pets such as birds or cats from escaping over the balcony and protect them from falling down. Optimally tailored to the size of your balcony or garden, buy bird protection nets from us according to individual measurements.


Pond And Pool Nets

You use pond nets either as personal safety nets or as leaf nets. Safety nets for people you stretch over the pond to prevent animals, children or even adults from falling into the pond. The pond cover nets from Safetynet365 are all strong enough to safely catch even adult persons when installed correctly. When choosing the size and material thickness of the catch net, make sure that the net has a certain amount of self-expansion under load, preferably not extending below the water surface. If you have any questions about the size and self-stretching of the garden nets, we will be happy to advise you.

You stretch leaf nets over the pond to protect it from falling leaves. With a leaf protection net you save work when cleaning the pond. You can leave our protective nets stretched over the pond even through the winter without any problems. The durable polypropylene nets are optimally designed for years of contact with water thanks to high weather and UV resistance.


Nets For Plants

Plant nets include nets for protecting plants, such as fruit tree nets, as well as climbing nets to support vegetable and climbing plants, and harvest nets and lawn protection nets.


Harvesting Nets

Harvesting nets, on the other hand, are laid out around the fruit trees or stretched just above the ground to make harvesting easier. This way, the fruit simply falls onto the net and you only have to collect the harvest net instead of picking the fruit individually from the ground. This saves both time and labor. In addition, the garden nets ensure that when the fruit falls, it is not damaged by hitting the ground.


Climbing Plant Nets

Climbing plant nets are used in the garden, on the terrace, the balcony or on facades to provide ornamental plants and vegetables with the opportunity to cling to them as they grow. If plants such as tomatoes can grow upwards with the help of climbing nets, the plants make better use of the space available to them - often the harvest yields are also higher in this way. Fine-meshed, knotless plant nets are particularly suitable for helping small plants. Our nets are optimally designed for the needs of these plants.


Lawn Protection Fabric And Mole Nets

Protective lawn fabric you use in your garden to protect the lawn from frost, heat and bugs. It can also keep moles from digging in your garden: Thanks to lawn netting, they can no longer poke through the turf when digging and look for other ways to the surface of the earth.

Simply lay out the protective lawn netting on your lawn and fasten it at the edges, for example, with pegs and ground anchors. The green lawn nets from Safetynet365 hardly stand out with their natural color on your lawn. The garden nets are also weather resistant for many years and can be washed off if necessary.


Privacy Nets For The Garden

For more privacy in the garden, it is a good idea to install a privacy net on the fence. Privacy nets are available from us in different colors, so you can choose a net optimal for the look of your garden and terrace. The privacy nets made of polypropylene fabric are also suitable as a windbreak, but at the same time they are air-permeable and do not inflate in the wind. In addition, the nets provide shade, so they are also good to use over terraces or balconies.


Safety Nets For The Household

Animal Protection Nets At Home

Animal protection nets in the house are especially useful for cats and birds. If your cats like to get fresh air on the balcony, secure the balcony with a cat protection net so that the animals can play safely on the balcony. In the house, use cat nets for skylights, for example, so that your cats do not climb onto the unsecured roof even when the window is open. Our cat protection nets are made of tear-resistant polypropylene without wire reinforcement, so the cats can't hurt themselves on them. At the same time, the nets easily withstand attacks and climbing experiments by the cats.

A similar use at home is bird protection netting. Keep birds in your house or apartment, they can safely fly around the room if the balcony and windows are secured with protective nets. Animal protection nets for the home in various strengths and mesh sizes can be found at Safetynet365 in prefabricated sizes or individually made to measure.


Personal Protection Nets At Home

Some areas in the house and apartment pose safety risks - especially for children and the elderly. With personal safety nets you increase the safety of such areas. For example, Safetynet365 offers:

  •  Loft Bed Nets
  •  Balcony Safety Nets
  •  Safety Nets for Playground Areas
  •  Staircase Safety Nets

All these nets fit perfectly to the corresponding areas in the house thanks to individual customisation. The safety nets are so stable that they can easily catch a falling adult - so your children are then also more than safe from falls from balconies, loft beds and Co.


Accessories For House And Garden Safety Nets

So that you can tension and install all safety nets around the house and garden professionally, buy in the Safetynet365 store also directly the matching accessories to the net:

  •  Ropes
  •  Eyelets
  •  Hooks
  •  Screws
  •  Tension Belts
  •  Fastening Cords
  •  Assembly Tools
  •  Net Enclosures


Frequently Asked Questions

How To Mount A Cat Net On The balcony?

Cat nets are usually quite easy to attach to balconies: For example, tie the net to the balcony railing or parapet with cable ties or fastening lines. If simple tying is not possible, you can also get stainless steel brackets from us, which you screw into the wall.


What Color For A Cat Net?

Recommended for cat nets on the balcony are dark colors, so best black nets. These do not catch the eye so much and also soiling is less noticeable than with white nets. In addition, white cat nets can dazzle when the sun shines directly on it. Ultimately, however, the choice of color also depends on the conditions on site and personal taste.


Cat Net How Big?

Ideally, fix the cat net on your balcony so high that it reaches the balcony above. This way your cats are safely protected from falling. If it is not possible to attach it to the balcony above or if there is no balcony above, stretch the cat net at least 2.50 m high to provide your cats with full protection.


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