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Building Securing Nets

Find out below what types of nets are available for securing structures and facades, what the special features of these protective netting are and what to look out for when buying them.

Safety nets for securing buildings are primarily used to secure and protect people. Industrial climbers attach the nets to dilapidated buildings as facade nets to prevent loose pieces of wall, bricks or similar from falling down and possibly hitting passengers. On the other hand, building securing nets also secure structures with unsecured open spaces so that people do not accidentally fall.



Safety Nets With Overlay Panels

On the one hand, safety nets with additional overlay panels are intended to protect people from falling. On the other hand, safety nets are also intended to catch falling parts or objects and protect the area thus safeguarded. Accordingly, the special nets must absorb sufficient energy so that they can safely catch people and objects as fall safety nets. For this purpose, safety nets are sometimes so finely meshed that even smaller parts can get caught in the net. Our safety nets with overlay panels from the Safetynet365 store combine safety nets for people with additional close-meshed netting or tarpaulin material. Thus, our safety nets meet all safety regulations for fall safety nets on buildings.


Motorway Safety Nets

Highway safety nets are special nets from the category of safety nets. These nets are installed on or under or in highway bridges: At open spaces between the carriageways or between the carriageway and the crosswalk, the bridge safety nets close the gaps and thus serve to ensure personal safety. The nets reliably catch falling people as well as objects and trash. The latter, in particular, also ensures the protection of roadways located under the highway bridge - the falling objects thus do not cause any damage thanks to the safety net. We offer highway safety nets in absolutely tear-proof quality, various mesh sizes and as custom-made per square meter, so that the bridge safety net optimally fits the size of the respective structure.


Roof Tile Netting

Roof tile nets are used for dilapidated buildings, facades, church towers and the like. The roof nets ensure that loose building parts such as roof tiles cannot fall down. You thus protect passers-by from damage caused by falling parts, for which you as the property owner would otherwise be liable. Thanks to roof tile safety nets, you minimize the danger posed by dilapidated structures and do not have to renovate dilapidated structures immediately. Roof tile safety nets or facede nets are usually attached to buildings by industrial climbers rappelling down from the roof - so you don't need scaffolding on the buildings either to protect the facade or to install the nets. You can buy the weather-resistant roof protection nets made of plastic at Safetynet365 precisely made to measure.


Dust Nets And Debris Nets

Dust protection nets or debris nets are used to secure buildings and protect facades in that they protect passers-by and, especially in the city, traffic in general from escaping construction dust. These protective nets have a high material density, so that smaller objects as well as construction dust are reliably intercepted. At the same time, the dust protection nets from Safetynet365 are still permeable to air, which prevents congestion heat behind the nets. We offer dust protection nets in various sizes and colors.


Bird Protection Nets For Securing Buildings

Bird protection nets are used on buildings and facades mainly for pigeon defense. Thanks to protective nets on the facades, unwanted birds such as pigeons cannot settle on the buildings and contaminate them with their droppings. Bird nets for building protection are effective against pigeons from a mesh size of 50 mm and pose no danger to the animals. You can buy bird protection nets for your facade and building protection made to measure from us.


Wind Turbine Safety Nets

In wind turbines, constant maintenance and servicing is essential for proper operation. In order for workers to move safely in the high altitude and confined space of wind turbines, the installation of wind turbine safety nets is an option. Wind turbine safety nets from Safetynet365 are a combination of highly tear-resistant personal fall arrest nets and close-meshed fabric tarpaulins. Thus, workers are not only protected from falls, but also from possible falling parts or tools.


Frequently Asked Questions


What Are The Sizes Of Nets Used To Secure Buidings?

Most of the safety nets for building and facade protection you buy from us in individual size. This means that you specify the dimensions in which you need the securing net and receive the net from us custom-made and tailored to your requirements. Alternatively, we offer various standard sizes from which you can also select the required nets.


What Color Makes A Facade Net Most Inconspicuous?

Which net color is least visible and most conspicuous in front of a structure or facade depends on the respective surrounding colors. If the rockfall protection kit hangs in front of a natural green backdrop, dark net colors such as black or anthracite are the most inconspicuous. Accordingly, a white protective net is most inconspicuous in front of a white facade.


How Do I Attach Safety Nets To Structures?

When installing safety nets on structures or buidings, it is recommended to hire an industrial climber. Industrial climbers usually rappel down from the roof of the building to install nets. Accordingly, you usually do not even need to erect scaffolding on the structure, which is a great advantage, especially in the city where space is limited.


Are Special Shapes Possible For Safety Nets?

In the case of safety nets that we make to measure for you, special shapes are usually no problem and are of the same high quality as the standard shapes. If, for example, you need a net in a circular, triangular or trapezoidal shape to protect a building or facade, simply send us a sketch of the required shape - we will then advise you immediately on the possibilities for implementation.


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