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Windschutznetze nach Maß

Windscreen Nets

Windscreen nets are a valuable aid when deployed in the garden, for keeping animals or for sport. They ensure that the wind does not restrict the activities of people and animals too much. The Safetynet365 windscreen nets have proved ideal for use. With their 50 per cent shade factor, they work as perfect windbreaks, as they represent the ideal combination of compactness, mesh density and air permeability.

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Windscreen Net by the m² (Custom-Made)

with reinforced edges and eyelets

Weight: approx. 200 g/m²
Material: polyethylene
Shading: 50 : 50

Shipping Time: 9-11 working days
excl. VAT *1starting at7,94 € / m²incl. VAT *2starting at9,45 € / m²
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The Application of Windscreen Netting in Agriculture And Sport

The windscreen net can be universally deployed wherever wind has a disturbing effect. This includes many different areas of application such as in homes and gardens, on terraces, wire-mesh fences or carports. The advantage: here, a windbreak net always functions as both a privacy screen and a source of shade.


Windschutznetze nach Maß

It is mainly used in the commercial/industrial sector. In agriculture, windbreak nets on buildings for keeping livestock of all kinds or on horse stalls offer reliable protection against draughts, snow and rain. In riding halls equipped with a windscreen net it is possible to maintain a pleasant climate throughout the year, without disturbing natural light conditions too much. When storing wood or grain in open sections of buildings, the windbreak net provides natural air circulation, together with good protection.

In sport the windbreak net is above all used in tennis, to balance conditions in windy weather.


Windschutznetze nach Maß

The Right Windscreen Net Made to Measure

Safetynet365 offers different colors (green, orange, blue, cream, etc.) in its windscreen netting programme to allow the net to be easily integrated into its surroundings. The highly tear proof, UV-resistant polypropylene fabric of German manufacture meets the highest standards and has proved its worth many times over.

We offer nets made to measure and by the square meter, so you can adapt your windbreak net in accordance with your own ideas. Each net is therefore a unique creation! The practical eyelets bordering the net every 50 cm make it exceptionally easy to fasten.


Windschutznetze nach Maß

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*1 excluding VAT plus shipping charges*2 including VAT plus shipping charges
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