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Personal Security Safety Nets

Around the house and garden there are some sources of danger, especially if children live in the household: Raised levels, stairs, balconies, climbing frames and the like bring with them a certain risk of falling. Garden ponds can also be dangerous, especially for small children and older people. With suitable safety nets you can prevent accidents and effectively secure sources of danger. We manufacture our safety nets in various sizes - if desired, they can also be made to fit exactly. You can then mount the respective net in different ways, so that you get the right net for every safety gap. In the following, you will learn more about the puposes and special features of safety nets around the house and garden.



Balcony Safety Netting

Balcony safety nets are installed on balconies to protect children, pets and objects from falling down. If you have children that you want to let play on the balcony even unsupervised, a balcony net is a good way to increase safety. If the struts of the balcony railing have large distances from each other, it is recommended to stretch the balcony net over the surface of the railing as well. If this is not necessary, install the safety net above the railing so high that children definitely can not climb over or fall even when climbing a chair or table.

If you want to use the balcony net to protect pets from falling, make sure that the mesh size of the net is so narrow that the animals can not put their heads through the protective net even by force. Otherwise, there is a risk of injury. Apart from that, however, our safety nets are the ideal balcony protection: all nets are high-strength and can withstand being worked on by paws and claws. Moreover, claws do not get caught on the smooth polypropylene meshes.

With our certified personal safety nets you bring a reliable fall protection to your balcony, which protects children as well as their toys and pets. You can get our balcony safety nets in different material diameters as well as mesh sizes, so you can find the right fall protection depending on the size of your pets. Since you will usually need an individual net size for your balcony, we offer our safety nets made to measure per square meter.


Loft & Bunk Bed Safety Nets

Loft beds and sleeping platforms are popular with many children and are also practical furnishings, as there is a lot of storage space under the beds. However, to ensure that children can safely sleep and also play in the loft bed, it is recommended to install loft bed nets. You install the safety nets between the railing of the loft bed and the ceiling of the room. The easiest way to install them is to attach pillars, made of wood for example, vertically to the loft bed, to which you then attach the loft bed net.

What to look for in raised bed nets: Choose the smallest possible mesh size so that the safety net does not invite children to climb. In the Safetynet365 store you get bunk bed nets of course with correspondingly narrow mesh size.

Our polypropylene safety nets are completely non-toxic to humans, so it is safe for children to touch or put the nets in their mouths. For the individual sizes and different requirements of loft beds, you can get our safety nets custom-made per m². Different net colors as well as the possibility of a colorful loft bed net bring colorful units, accents or even highlights into the children's room.


Courtyard Barrier Nets

You can use barrier nets at yard entrances as an alternative to permanently installed yard gates or fences. Especially if you have small children and your yard driveway is directly on a busy street, it makes sense to secure the driveway with a barrier net: When children are engrossed in play in the yard and the ball rolls through the open driveway onto the street, children often run after it regardless of the traffic. A yard driveway net remedies this situation and greatly increases children's safety. Because even if the game ball is not stopped by the safety net, but flies over it, the children are stopped by the safety net and stay away from the road.

Safety nets for the courtyard entrance are available at Safetynet365 per meter. Our nets for courtyard entrances are additionally coated with PVC, which is why they are very dimensionally stable and hold their shape even if they are only attached to the two outer sides - i.e. the ends of the courtyard entrance. The protective nets can be attached to existing posts via the quick-release strap fasteners sewn to the sides.


Kindergarten Safety Nets

Especially if there is little space in the kindergarten, second levels are a good way to create additional play space for the children. To ensure that the children are safe when playing on raised levels, it is advisable to install personal safety nets as fall protection. Kindergarten safety nets are best stretched into any open spaces between railings, edges and, if necessary, the ceiling. Once installed, the safety nets provide safe protection for the children: Neither the children themselves nor their toys can fall from greater heights - this also protects any children playing under the nets.

Sicherheitsnetze für Kinder erhalten Sie bei uns stets individuell nach Maß gefertigt. Die Materialstärke unserer Netze ist so gewählt, dass Kinder bei Stürzen jederzeit sicher aufgefangen werden. Die Maschenweite ist eng genug, dass die Netze die Kinder nicht zum Klettern verleiten.


Railing Nets

Railing nets are used on all types of ships to prevent passengers and objects from falling overboard. On yachts, sailing ships and boats, the railing already provides solid basic protection against falling. However, if high waves are to be expected on a regular basis, railing nets are worthwhile as additional fall protection.

At Safetynet365 you get safety nets for the railing with a standard width of 60 cm. You can buy the railing nets either as a 50-meter variant or by the meter. If you decide instead for a custom-made safety net, choose the length and width of your safety net individually. Our high-strength polyester nets are resistant to moisture and weather and are therefore ideal for outdoor use on ships.


Play Area Safety Nets

Safety nets for play areas are used in various situations. Wherever there is a risk of children falling while playing or parents simply want even more safety, safety nets can be installed. This can be the case, for example, on trampolines and climbing frames in the garden, or indoors if there are raised levels, for example. Play area safety nets also include barrier nets, which you can use to block off sources of danger.

The barrier nets are available from us by the meter, all other protective nets for play areas in individual sizes made to measure. You buy the safety nets in different colors or even in colorful, which distracts many children from the functionality of the nets - instead they are happy about the visual eye-catcher.


Pond Nets for Personal Security

There are different variants of pond nets: Either you use the cover net for falling leaves or as a personal fall safety net. If the safety net is to be used to catch people, it makes sense to keep it stretched over the pond all year round. Because with ponds, there is a risk of a person falling in all year round. Especially children are at risk. With a pond net from Safetynet365, the danger of falling in is banished, because our nets made of high-strength polypropylene reliably catch falling people. The material is also weatherproof and does not rot, so it can remain in use at the pond for years without damage.

You can buy pond nets at Safetynet365 in different mesh sizes: If the mesh size is relatively narrow, the personal safety net necessarily also serves as a leaf catcher net.


Staircase safety nets

Staircase safety nets are ideal for securing staircases, staircase railings and staircase eyes. Especially in kindergartens, children's homes as well as old people's homes, stairs should always be well secured, as they otherwise pose a fall hazard. However, it can also make sense to secure stairs with safety nets in private homes. This is especially true if there are small children living in the house.

With a safety net for stairways you keep your children away from the stairs, because their play must necessarily end in front of the stairs thanks to the net. You should secure a stair railing with a safety net if the braces of the railing are 20 cm or more apart, so that a child could slip through if necessary. Staircase safety nets are also used in wide staircases. Depending on the height of the house or the number of floors, they are stretched over several levels in the stairwell. Here, the nets serve as fall protection for people as well as catching nets for falling objects.

Our staircase safety nets made of high-strength polypropylene are available in the store per m² made to measure, so that each net fits exactly to the requirements of your staircase. We will be happy to advise you on the required size, safety regulations, fastening options and much more.



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