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Harvesting Nets

The harvesting net can be used as equipment to aid harvesting or as a net to protect the lawn. It is primarily used to conveniently harvest falling fruit. To do this, the net is stretched just above the ground in orchards and can later be easily rolled up, after the fruit has fallen.

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Harvesting Net 2.95 x 100.00 m

Size: 2.95 x 100.00 m
Material: polyethylene
Weight: approx. 36 g/m²

Shipping Time: 3-5 working days
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A Harvesting Net With Two Functions

Harvesting work is heavy work which is physically very hard on the back. The use of harvesting nets makes it possible to collect the fruit “in one go”, which saves you time and work. Conversely, it also means that fruit which can’t be harvested and turns into rotting windfall, which messes up the lawn and is hard to clean up, is caught in the harvesting net too and can be equally easily disposed of.

For this reason, the net is also useful to protect the lawn from windfall from wild fruit trees, allowing it to be easily disposed of. Due to its properties, the polyethylene used is ideal for a harvesting net: it is robust, air permeable in its fabric as well as weather-resistant, and therefore doesn’t rot. It can be easily rinsed off with water and, if well taken care of, can be used for many years. So our harvesting nets guarantee you many easy harvests.

Our harvesting net is suitable for harvesting nuts and pomaceous and stone fruits, such as walnuts, olives, cherries, plums, etc. With our harvesting nets, you can gather in the harvest effortlessly!

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