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Animal Protection Netting

Protective nets for animals and birds can have two different functions: on the one hand, they protect livestock or pets from outside dangers, and on the other, they keep undesirable creatures away from building facades, orchards or gardens. You can find an overview of different types of net in the Safetynet365 product range that serve to provide animal and bird protection.




Nets for the Protection Of Animals and Birds

Poultry farmers know the problem: in open-air enclosures, geese, ducks and chickens need extensive protection to prevent them being snapped up by birds of prey or other animals. An animal & bird protection net has proved its worth in protecting poultry, when used correctly, is the aviary net. Depending on what kind of poultry need to be protected, different mesh sizes are available. For example, a mesh size of 60 mm is already sufficient to protect from birds of prey, and even a mesh size of 100 mm suffices for protection from herons.

The same applies to nets designed to protect pets on balconies or at windows from the dangers of the road. Free-flying aviary birds kept in a house or flat need appropriately small meshes. Full-grown cats can be kept from escaping using a cat safety net with a medium mesh size (30 mm), without having to miss experiencing the outside world.


Nets for Protection Against Animals and Birds

The animal & bird net likewise provides excellent protection from wandering cats, for example to keep the garden or sandbox free of the excrement of strays. Other airborne pests can also do mischief. Pigeons deface facades and public spaces with their droppings, but can be kept at bay using bird guard nets.

Other species of birds, such as starlings or sparrows, can destroy an entire harvest. Here, the small-meshed animal & bird net is used for covering cultivated fruit trees or bushes to protect the precious fruit.

All the nets described here are of very high quality. Irrespective of mesh size and material thickness, all our animal & bird nets are extremely hard-wearing, UV-resistant and able to withstand weather conditions for many years. The yarn is made of polypropylene, a synthetic fibre which remains resistant to rotting for a very long time.
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