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Construction Site Netting

Wherever they are installed, construction-site safety nets are of inestimable value. A layperson will hardly pay any attention to these important fabrics, but a professional regards them as indispensable, mandated protective equipment for ensuring that everyday work on the building site proceeds safely. They fulfil a variety of functions to keep people and materials safe.

Working on building sites always involves a certain risk. To reduce it to minimum, the use of nets to prevent falls, such as fall safety nets and guardrail nets as well as dust protection nets, are mandatory when working on high structures. Such construction-site safety nets must fulfil the stringent requirements of the European Standards Committee and the German Employers’ Liability Insurance Association for the Building Trade (Bau-BG). Our tested, approved building-site nets fulfil the guidelines and reliably protect workers.



Tested and Approved: Our Fall Safety Nets and Guardrail Nets for Fall Protection

One of the most important issues in the area of building-site netting is fall protection. It serves to prevent falls or to catch people on the building site. The net plays a life-saving role in preventing falls from heights, due to which a whole series of safety guidelines apply to fall safety nets and guardrail nets. The most important of these guidelines is that the mesh size of the safety net should not exceed 100 mm. In addition, the net must display adequate resistance to weathering and UV radiation. In order to ensure that it possesses these important properties at all times, we recommend having every building-site safety net that is in operation annually tested. For this purpose, test meshes are fastened to the net and lead-sealed. You can find further information, guidelines and installation instructions for building-site safety nets here.


Using Dust Protection Nets to Minimise Swirling Dust

Dust protection nets are usually deployed on standard scaffolding or on facades. This important protection component is often called a “scaffolding net”. During construction work it checks the escape of unpleasant dust and offers additional protection from small falling pieces, which can be very dangerous if they drop from a certain height. The exceptionally close-meshed scaffolding protection fabric is often combined with guardrail nets. If a fall safety net is additionally installed, this guarantees optimal fall protection.
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