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Construction-Site Safety Nets for Personal Security

Construction safety nets are safety nets that are used, among other things, on construction sites to protect people from falling. At the same time, the nets also serve to protect against falling objects. On construction sites, construction-site nets and especially personal safety nets are indispensable for securing people. When working at heights, fall protection is required by law - this is where the use of safety nets comes in handy. But nets such as side protection nets also provide reliable safety beyond protection on the construction site.



Safety Nets For Personal Protection


Personnel Safety Nets And Safety Net Combinations

Personnel safety nets are used on construction sites to catch people whose fall could not be prevented. In order to be able to catch people safely and reliably and to provide solid fall protection, safety nets must have special material properties and be installed professionally. The material properties refer, among other things, to the fact that the rope diameter and mesh size are selected so that they can absorb sufficient energy. Our personnel safety nets meet all safety regulations and exceed the required minimum energy absorption when new. This means that they offer the highest level of safety for fall protection. Have your safety net custom-made in our online store so that it ideally fits the intended use and offers the best protection.

If the safety net is not only to protect people but also to safely catch falling parts, our safety net combinations are ideal. These safety nets combine the personal fall-arrest net with additional net or tarpaulin material - either air-permeable or air-impermeable. Our safety net combinations also meet all safety regulations for fall protection and are therefore just as reliable as our personal fall arrest nets.


Guardrail Nets And Scaffold Nets

Guardrail nets are used to protect scaffolds and roofs and are therefore also called scaffold nets, guardrail nets or roof safety nets. They therefore provide protection even before fall safety nets become necessary. Since the nets are intended to protect people from falling, a certain minimum energy absorption is also required for side protection nets. For this purpose, side protection and scaffolding nets from Safetynet365 are made of tear-resistant and weatherproof polypropylene. Our guardrail nets thus exceed the required minimum energy absorption when new and are the safest solution for every scaffold and roof thanks to individual customisation.


Working Platform Nets

Our construction site nets can also be used as working platforms if they comply with EN 1263 net class B1. The net is then stretched inside the opening where the work is to take place. With the help of tension belts, which you thread into the safety net at regular intervals in the grid, you stabilize the net so that it sags only minimally and can be walked on. The finished construction results in a safe working platform. It is particularly important with these construction safety nets that the mesh size is relatively narrow so that your workers do not slip their feet through the mesh. With us, you get high-strength work platform nets made to measure and the matching tension belts directly with it. With the nets you provide the best protection and an optimal working base.


Light Dome Safety Nets

Also included in the construction site netting are light dome nets, which you stretch over domes for safety. Since light domes on building roofs are easily overlooked, especially in winter when there is snow, but also in the dark, it is recommended to install protective netting before workers are sent to roofs with skylight domes. Light dome safety nets with correspondingly loadable material thickness are available at Safetynet365 in prefabricated sizes. We can also offer individual sizes on request. Reliable safety and protection for your employees!


Protective Nets For Securing Buildings

Building safety nets include on the one hand building safety nets that protect the building itself and on the other hand nets that serve to secure people on buildings. For example, Safetynet365 offers highway safety netting to secure open spaces between roadways and footpaths, so that people as well as objects are protected from falling down.

Roof tile safety nets protect pedestrians and traffic routes from possible falling roof tiles from crumbling roofs. The safety nets are either stretched to hold loose roof tiles in place or to catch falling tiles.

Construction site nets with high material density are used on building sites as debris nets. These dust protection nets protect passers-by from smaller, falling objects and generally protect traffic from pollution caused by escaping construction dust. Our nets made of monofilament fabric or polyethylene fabric contain the dust turbulence, but are still sufficiently permeable to air so that no congestion heat is generated. In combination with guardrail netting, the nets provide both fall protection and wind protection on the construction site.


Building-Site Equipment Netting

For the preparation of construction sites, you can use nets, for example, as construction site fencing: The plastic fences in eye-catching orange make danger areas visible and thus reliably secure the construction site. In the Safetynet365 store, you can get construction site fences with or without integrated erection bars as practical rolled goods - assembly is thus quick and easy. In addition, you get construction fence screens and privacy nets for construction with up to 90% shading effect. With our safety nets, you ensure optimal protection and ideal security on the building site!


Frequently Asked Questions

When Are Safety Nets Required?

Construction site safety nets such as personnel safety nets and guardrail nets nets are required for work involving a risk of falling. This includes work on scaffolds, for which scaffold nets are required, and work on unsecured roofs, which can be secured with safety nets. The legal framework for the use of safety nets is provided by the Occupational Safety and Health Act.


What Are Stop Nets?

Stop nets are generally nets that stop people or objects. Stop nets can be, for example, catching nets for falling people or ball stop nets that catch stray balls and keep them inside the playing field.


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