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Safety Nets for Personal Security

Personnel safety nets are almost essential in industry and construction. Where people work at height, fall protection must be ensured for both people and objects. Learn more about the use of safety nets in industry here.



Safety nets for fall protection

Fall safety nets or safety nets are used to protect people from falling. Accordingly, personal fall arrest nets are installed on structures where there is a risk of falling, for example because work is being carried out at great heights. The safety nets for persons must meet special requirements: The nets must be able to absorb a certain minimum amount of energy in order to reliably catch people in the event of a fall. In addition, a certain mesh size is required for personal fall arrest nets. The mesh size must be at least 100 mm - the meshes may be narrower, but not wider.

The personal safety nets from Safetynets365 exceed the required material properties according to the standards EN 1263-1 and DGUV standard 101-011 and can therefore be used without hesitation for fall protection. However, make sure that the safety nets are installed professionally!


Guardrail Nets

Unlike safety nets, which catch people in the event of a fall, safety nets for side protection have the function of preventing falls before they happen. In addition to fall protection, guardrail nets also ensure that tools or construction materials do not fall from the scaffolds onto people.

You install guardrail nets, for example, on open scaffolding so that free spaces between the platforms and piers are secured by nets. Accordingly, you tension guardrail nets vertically as opposed to fall safety nets, which you usually install horizontally.

The scaffold nets from Safetynet365 meet all safety regulations according to EN 1263-1 and DGUV standard 101-011 and meet the highest quality standards - with our scaffold nets you are literally on the safe side when it comes to fall protection. The safety nets are available in various standard sizes or individually made to measure.


Dome Light Nets

Dome Light Nets are used as protective nets for dome lights and skylights. The safety nets are especially necessary when workers are on a roof with skylights or dome lights. Darkness, a light covering of snow or an inattentive step is enough to overlook a window embedded in the roof. To prevent accidents in such cases, it makes sense to equip skylight domes with fall protection in the form of safety nets.

For the installation of personal safety nets, the skylight must have a fixed dome frame with a projection. The safety net in turn has a tensioning strap around its edge. Place the safety net over the skylight dome and its frame and tighten the tensioning strap so that the net can no longer slip over the frame.

At Safetynet365 you can buy dome light nets in various prefabricated sizes - if your dome light has a special shape or size, we can also make a custom-made net for you. When choosing the size, make sure that the net is slightly larger than the dome light frame.


Shelf And Rack Safety Nets

You use shelf safety nets mainly as protective nets for high-bay warehouses. On the one hand, you use these nets to protect goods stored high up from falling down. On the other hand, you use the rack safety nets to protect people from falling goods. The safety nets are installed either vertically on the high-bay racks themselves or horizontally under or between the racks. Safety nets for horizontal securing are usually also personal safety nets that catch people working on high racks in the event of a fall. Alternatively, shelf safety nets also serve to separate goods: For example, in warehouses, you use nets to divide up storage areas and prevent the goods there from tipping over sideways.

When using rack nets to prevent goods from falling or tipping over, make sure that the mesh size is appropriate: The mesh size must be adapted to the size of the goods to be secured so that no parts can fall through.

In many warehouses you can find pallet racks, which usually have the size of standard pallets. That is why Safetynet365 store offers pallet rack safety nets in standard sizes for different number of shelves made of Euro pallets. If your shelves have different dimensions, we will be happy to make protective nets in individual sizes for you. Let us advise you on the size and mesh size of the nets.


Nursery Safety Nets

In kindergartens, the safety of children is a particularly high priority. You can use safety nets to secure raised levels, galleries and climbing frames against falls. This way, the children can romp around without worrying, while the educators can stay relaxed because there is no risk of falling. Our safety nets for kindergartens meet all safety regulations and are available as custom-made products for the individual needs in nursery rooms. To determine the size and shape you need, use our net configurator - if you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you. Our nursery safety nets made of tear-resistant fabric are dimensionally stable, colorfast and absolutely non-toxic to humans.


Water Slide Safety Nets

In the case of open water slides, such as those often installed in outdoor swimming pools, it is not always possible to rule out the possibility of high-spirited people sliding over the edge of the slide. So to prevent people from falling off the slide, safety nets for water slides can be a solution. The installation of the personal protection nets is usually done directly on the water slide and in the course of it, so that the net accompanies the entire slide as a side protection net. Alternatively, you stretch a safety net as a personal safety net in endangered areas below the slide. Our water slide safety nets made of synthetic plastic are waterproof, weather-resistant and do not mold - making the nets ideal for outdoor use.


FAQ Personenschutznetze – Fragen und Antworten

In Which Size Do I Order A Safety Net?

You always order protective nets from us in the size you actually need. To do this, you determine the light dimension of the area that you want to provide with a net: You measure from attachment point to attachment point. If the protective nets are to be mounted on external frames, as is usually the case with skylight domes, for example, make sure that the net is large enough to span the frame.


How Do I Install A Safety Net Professionally?

Safety nets must be installed properly, especially if they are to be used as personal safety nets. You must install the safety nets at load-bearing points, which in turn must not be more than 250 cm apart. Use approved ropes, hooks or brackets for fastening. More details on the installation of safety nets can be found here.


Are the nets suitable for outdoor use?

All of our safety nets are made of weather-resistant filament and are therefore ideally equipped for outdoor use. You can use the UV-stabilized and moisture-resistant nets without hesitation even if they get wet regularly - the material will not mold or crack.


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