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Hayrack Nets

Custom-Made Hay Nets

Our hay nets are made of the special plastic polypropylene for agricultural use. They can be variously deployed and are non-toxic. Hay nets can be used either as hayrack nets for feeding hoofed animals, or as storage nets for round bales of hay or silage.

The nets are designed for outside use in stables and cowsheds, on the farm and in the field: the polypropylene fabric is knotless, form-stable and chafe-resistant. Furthermore, it also has UV-stable and weather-resistant properties for continuous use outdoors.

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What Are Hay Nets?

Hay nets are dimensionally stable, extremely resilient net products made of polypropylene, a UV and weather-resistant plastic that is interwoven without knots. The abrasion-resistant and non-toxic material ensures that the hay nets can be used without problems and without risk of injury in the field of animal husbandry and agriculture.

Both indoors and outdoors, they are an optimal and durable solution for safely storing hay and other grasses and grains. Therefore, the hay nets are used on the farm, in the field and also in the stable: as hayrack nets for feeding horses and other hoofed animals as well as storage and feed nets for round bales of hay or silage.


What Is The Difference Between Hay Nets, Hayrack Nets And Hay Bags?

Hay is considered the number 1 staple food in horse husbandry: it supplies the graceful four-legged friends with energy and nutrients, scores with a high crude fiber content, stimulates saliva production and is also easily digestible.

The consumption of the popular fodder for horses will be even healthier if they do not greedily gulp it down, but take it up and chew it with relish bit by bit. Hay nets and hay bags for horses can be filled with roughage and then placed in the pasture or stable. Due to the close-meshed net, the horses have to pluck the hay out of the meshes before eating it and thus cannot eat too much at once.

On the one hand, the food intake slowed down by the mesh ensures proper digestion and prevents overweight, especially in winter when the animals move little. In addition, plucking at the close-meshed hay net serves as a wonderful occupation for the horses, as it playfully trains concentration and motor skills while providing a reward. Another plus point is that with such a net, feeding the horse is automated. As the owner, you only have to take care of the regular filling. Nevertheless, it is advisable to maintain a food mix and to give other feeds at certain feeding times. However, longer feeding breaks are no problem thanks to the hay net.

Depending on the conditions on site, you can use a classic hayrack net or a special hay net bag for the stable or pasture. While the hay net is stretched over the dry feed close to the ground in the feeding area or directly on the ground and thus serves as a flexible alternative or as a supplement to the hay rack, a feed bag is filled with hay via an opening and mounted on the wall at about head height of the horse.


Quality Made To Measure: Individual Hay Nets

You can order our hay netting, hayrack nets and hay bags in different colors and mesh sizes. The mesh size determines how much hay can be pulled out through the net at once and thus directly influences the feeding speed. Depending on your needs, you can choose a mesh size of 30 mm, 45 mm or 60 mm - the rope diameter is always 5 mm.

You can also determine the overall size individually if you wish - depending on how many kilos of hay fit into the net and how many hours the animals should have to nibble on it. Hay nets for agricultural use are available both prefabricated with the dimensions 1.50 m x 1.50 m x 1.50 m and individually in your desired size as custom-made to store smaller or larger quantities of hay.
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