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Hayrack Nets

Custom-Made Hay Nets

Our hay nets are made of the special plastic polypropylene for agricultural use. They can be variously deployed and are non-toxic. Hay nets can be used either as hayrack nets for feeding hoofed animals, or as storage nets for round bales of hay or silage.

The nets are designed for outside use in stables and cowsheds, on the farm and in the field: the polypropylene fabric is knotless, form-stable and chafe-resistant. Furthermore, it also has UV-stable and weather-resistant properties for continuous use outdoors.

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Ordering Custom-Made Hayrack Nets

The hay net or hayrack net holds fodder for feeding hoofed animals. It is installed in the stable or cowshed or on the paddock, and is used mainly in winter. The hay net is a useful solution if hoofed animals are getting very little exercise and there is a risk of their becoming overweight. In addition, during the boredom of winter, horses are kept well occupied pulling out hay. You’ll know which mesh size suits you best based on long experience – every farmer has their own views on the matter.

At Safetynet365 you can order your hayrack net individually made to measure. So every net is a custom-made product! Using accessories such as carabiners, ropes or tensioning cords, you can offer hay to your horses or other hoofed animals in the stable or cowshed just as you like.


Hay Nets for Round Bales

Hay nets for round bales are used to store the baled hay in suitable, dry conditions. The fixed measurements of the net are 1.50 m x 1.50 m x 1.50 m – that is, it is box-shaped with a floor and one open side, and it can be thrown over a round bale and tied closed. Another option is to hang it up, thus dry-storing the hay. To do this, you need a pulley. A two-meter long pull cord is supplied with the net. The net is suspended by stable attachment points on its reinforced border.