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Staircase Safety Nets

Staircase Safety Netting

With a staircase safety net, you are equipped for all eventualities – for example, in kindergartens or children’s homes. Small children are often unable to adequately estimate heights and hazards, so that while romping, crawling and climbing over balustrades, it can quickly happen that they fall from landings/galleries or through stair-rail struts. This also applies in retirement homes, where older people are at a greater risk of falling. As carers are unable to provide one hundred percent continuous supervision, nets which can be directly installed on stair-rails as staircase nets offer a solution. This is advisable where the gaps between stair-rails are larger than 20 cm, so that children could theoretically “slip through” them.

Staircase safety nets are designed for use on large, extensive staircases. They are installed in the stairwell on several levels, to minimise the risk of injury from falling.

Sub-Categories to Staircase Safety Nets

Furthermore, nets to provide fall protection on staircases are hugely important for technical objects. This is a point that can be overlooked, but nowadays most people carry extremely expensive electronic gadgets on an everyday basis. Most staircases are constructed in such a way that at least a smartphone or a tablet could slip through. Falling from a higher storey to the very bottom can spell the end for one of these high-functioning, sensitive technical devices. And that can sometimes happen a lot faster than you think or want! When a staircase has fall protection in the form of staircase nets, this prevents such damage and in the end can save you the high cost of buying a new notebook, smartphone, etc.


Staircase Fall Protection for Your Home

If you own a house with two storeys and also have small children in the house, even a one-storey flight of stairs can become an unintended hazard. Children are always deeply immersed in their play and thereby often blissfully unaware of potential dangers. It is the parents’ task to ensure that children can develop playfully and freely in a safe environment. If you have a staircase in your home, then you should at all events consider how you can protect your children in that area. Installing fall protection allows you to rest assured that nothing bad can happen to your little ones while they are romping and playing in the house – as even a fall from one storey can have long-term consequences for children or, in the worst case, even a fatal outcome. This is why safety precautions are absolutely essential.

A net to block off upward stairways can also keep your children out of the hazardous zone of the stairs. Such a net allows you to prevent your children from actively including the stairs in their games. Instead, the boundary to their play area is drawn just in front of the first step. This method of completely closing off the stairs is especially important in the case of toddlers, who are not yet able to safely climb stairs alone. So if small children nonetheless include the stairs in their games out of curiosity or over-eagerness, injuries can quickly occur here as well.

Not sure which net you should use in your home? Then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to advise you and to show you the advantages of different models of safety net made to measure for the staircase.


Guidelines for Installing Nets on Staircases

When installing staircase safety nets, there are some safety regulations which must be observed. Basically, staircase nets can be treated like fall safety nets or guardrail nets. These have to have a certain energy absorption capacity to safely catch people in an emergency. You can find guidelines on installing these nets here.