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Staircase Safety Nets

Staircase Safety Netting

With a staircase safety net, you are equipped for all eventualities – for example, in kindergartens or children’s homes. Small children are often unable to adequately estimate heights and hazards, so that while romping, crawling and climbing over balustrades, it can quickly happen that they fall from landings/galleries or through stair-rail struts. This also applies in retirement homes, where older people are at a greater risk of falling. As carers are unable to provide one hundred percent continuous supervision, nets which can be directly installed on stair-rails as staircase nets offer a solution. This is advisable where the gaps between stair-rails are larger than 20 cm, so that children could theoretically “slip through” them.

Staircase safety nets are designed for use on large, extensive staircases. They are installed in the stairwell on several levels, to minimise the risk of injury from falling.

Sub-Categories to Staircase Safety Nets

Wherever children play, safety is the top priority. Whether within their own four walls, at kindergarten or at play and daycare centers, toddlers love to explore their surroundings and test their own limits and abilities while romping, crawling and climbing. Especially at a young age, however, the little adventurers are not yet able to properly assess heights and other dangers and are often fearless and careless when playing. Stairs, galleries, landings and parapets then pose an increased risk and can lead to dicey situations such as falls and accidents. Safety precautions in the area of the stairs are the be-all and end-all so that both brave and fearful children can still dash and romp around without a care in the world.

In the stairwell, safety nets serve as ideal fall protection: This way, even the smallest ones can climb unknown heights and conquer the play realm on the higher floors without you having to keep a watchful eye on the wild goings-on at and on the stairs around the clock. The risk of falling and injury is reduced to a minimum. If someone does overestimate their own limits or lose their balance, the safety net ensures a soft fall and a safe landing.

Stairwell safety nets come in a variety of designs. This way you can place your safety net wherever potential dangers lurk:

  • Railing net: A railing net fills the empty space between the flight of stairs and the steps as a lateral stair guard. It can also be installed as an additional railing infill on stair railings that are already fitted with wooden or metal rods.
  • Fall Safety Net: In many buildings, the eye of the staircase poses a particularly high risk, because if you fall here, you fall deep. A safety net in the center of the staircase serves as fall protection and ensures maximum fall protection in the stairwell.
  • Barrier net: To prevent toddlers from putting themselves in danger in the first place and from being tempted to crawl up or down the stairs on their own, you can install a barrier net at the staircase entrance or exit. The custom-made safety net is a safe and stylish alternative to the conventional stair gate and - unlike a safety device using bars - offers no risk of crushing or trapping thanks to the narrow meshes.


Purposes of Safety Nets: Fall Protection for Everyone

Stairways, landings, galleries and unsecured heights represent a particularly large risk factor for the smallest among us. But it's not just toddlers who can benefit from a fall protection net on the banister and in the eye of the staircase, or from a barrier net on the rise and fall of the staircase. A safety net as fall protection is versatile.


Staircase Safety Nets for People at Risk

Even in facilities where elderly or impaired people are housed - or even in houses where they are at home - fall protection in the stairwell can be useful and make everyday life immensely easier. In old age, there is often an increased risk of falling because balance and circulation fail from time to time, the legs no longer carry one as reliably as they should, or the eyes have difficulty judging heights and other distances. However, full care and supervision is hardly possible in senior housing and the caring staff cannot always intervene immediately in the event of a fall. Fall protection can provide a remedy here, minimizing the height of falls and significantly increasing the safety standard. Guardrail nets and fall arrest nets on stair railings and handrails as well as in the stairwell give residents and staff a good feeling and reliably help if someone trips, slips or steps into empty space.

Also for people who have difficulties with walking, seeing or coordination, protective nets in the stairwell offer an enormous relief. Nothing stands in the way of a safe home and stairs are no longer an insurmountable obstacle for many people.


Fall Protection in the Stairwell for Animals and Objects

But stairs are not only a risk for us humans, depending on their design and environment: The height can also be our dearest four-legged friends' undoing. In households where cats and dogs roam freely, protecting nets in the stairwell, for example, can also provide fall protection as a safeguard. Especially on wooden stairs and floors, the nimble paws can quickly lose their grip. To prevent small slips from leading to a dangerous fall, a safety net can be installed in the stairwell or between the banister and steps. For small cats and dogs, however, you should pay special attention to the mesh size: The narrower the meshes, the lower the risk that an animal can get caught in the cat net or slip through it with its paws.

A nice plus point of a staircase protection net is also offered for objects that we almost permanently transport from one floor to the next in everyday life. Laptops, cell phones and other technical devices quickly break when dropped and are not only expensive, but usually also contain a lot of data and thus have an emotional value. A fall protection net also protects them from unwanted falls: this prevents damage, saves costs and is easy on the nerves.


Staircase Safety with Safetynet365

A safety net in the stairwell offers benefits for people, animals and technology - whether large or small. The large product range of side protection, fall protection net and barrier net ensures that there is the right fall protection for every household. Thereby our custom-made safety nets convince by quality and variety.

The nets made of knotless interwoven polypropylene are available in various designs. The material diameter and mesh size vary depending on the intended use. You can always choose the exact dimensions of your net yourself - as well as the color. In this way, you can be sure that the net is ideally suited to the conditions on site and create a harmonious overall appearance, for example by matching the protective net and railing in tone.

As a rule, you can install the fall protection for the staircase without drilling. A rope interwoven with the end edge provides any number of attachment points, ensuring stability and flexibility. With the help of the rope, the net can be easily attached to wooden or metal handrails. Additional securing with stainless steel hooks, carabiners and other accessories is of course easily possible if required.

If you are unsure whether your staircase shape is suitable for the installation of a safety net, for example, because glazing was used in the construction of the staircase and the glass now makes it difficult to attach, our experts will be happy to provide you with advice and help you configure the right product. Simply get in touch!
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