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Stair Case Barrier Net

Barrier nets for stairs are needed in situations where stairway areas need to be secured and access to them must therefore be blocked. This especially applies to small children, who are not aware of the danger and could therefore fall down the stairs. In addition, a barrier net for stairways can set the boundaries of a pet’s “territory” and clearly demarcate the stairs as an off-limits area.

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Staircase Barrier Net - Available by the Meter

incl. 6 buckle straps


Material: polyester, coated with PVC
Rope Diameter: 4.0 mm
Mesh Size: 40 mm
Net Height: 1.00 m

Shipping Time: 5-7 working days
excl. VAT *1starting at 21,01 € / m incl. VAT *2starting at 25,00 € / m
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Barrier Nets to Secure Dangerous Stairs

Our barrier nets for upward and downward stairways are suitable as a flexible alternative to rigid safety grilles for stairs, as for occasional use the staircase nets are easier to handle than fixed safety gates. Due to its PVC coating, the net is highly dimensionally stable and therefore keeps its shape well and remains stretched tight even when it is only attached on the two outer sides. Included in the scope of delivery are six sewn-on quick-release strap fasteners, by means of which the barrier net can be anchored on the side. When dismantled, the net can be rolled up without any problems and easily stowed away.


Stair Case Barrier Net

Barrier Nets Also Suitable for Securing Plots of Land

The use of the barrier net is not limited to stairs – thanks to its weather-resistance it is also designed to protect toddlers from hazards beyond the boundaries of a given piece of land. Garage or courtyard entrances can be secured effectively using barrier nets as, due to their one meter height and flexible net shape, can be quickly attached using quick-release strap fasteners.


Stair Case Barrier Net

Configure a Custom-Made Barrier Net

The process of making your barrier net goes as follows: you measure the passage width of the stairs or entrance to be secured – and it’s best to allow a bit extra when measuring – and enter only the length into our configurator, because as the net is supplied by the meter, it has a fixed height. If you have any questions, the team of Safetynet365 is gladly at your disposal!

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