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Rack Safety Nets

Rack Safety Nets

The pallet rack safety net is designed for industrial use. This industrial net is deployed to ensure an adequate safety standard in high-bay storage facilities. It serves two purposes: to protect the stored goods themselves and to protect personnel while they are lifting out goods which could fall down.

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Pallet Rack Safety Nets Guarantee a High Standard of Safety

In a model warehouse safety system, racks and warehouse devices are regularly inspected and personnel trained. However, the vitally important safety nets are frequently forgotten. Should a human error occur – as can happen at any time – they protect goods from damage and can, in an extreme case, save human lives.

In most storage areas, pallet racks are used. As a rule, they are designed to be just the right size to hold pallets. Safetynet365 offers you pallet rack safety nets in standard sizes to fit either one, two or three shelf bays of different heights. If you are storing goods individually rather than on standard pallet racks, the experienced Safetynet365 team will produce custom-made pallet rack safety nets for you. This likewise applies if you plan to use the safety net to protect normal shelves.

The material thickness of the storage rack nets is adapted to the type of warehouse goods that need to be protected. Ideally, it is best to protect exceptionally heavy goods with a 5 mm-thick net and lighter goods with a 3 mm-thick net. A mesh size of 45 mm meets the relevant safety standard. The net material is highly tear proof, weather-resistant polypropylene.


It’s The Accessories That Make Pallet Rack Safety Nets Effective

The safety nets cannot demonstrate their full effectiveness unless they have been installed correctly. You can find accessories and fasteners at our safety net shop too. Among other items, these include snap hooks, turnbuckles, cross ropes and safety stops.
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