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Custom-Made Climbing Nets (by the m²)

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Climbing Nets for Children and Adolescents

Climbing fosters children’s motor abilities. Children experience their growing bodies and test their limits, thereby developing essential muscles and sequences of movement. Our climbing nets offer the best conditions for satisfying children’s playful and creative urges. On a climbing net, the little ones can release their often excess energy and simultaneously acquire physical skills which will stand them in good stead throughout their lives. Also, climbing in the climbing nets specially designed for them offers a level of safety not found under other conditions – for example, in trees or old houses. Our nets are custom-made to fulfil children’s requests. This means you can not only decide the color and size, but also choose from numerous fasteners for secure attachment. Special shapes are also available on request. We’re happy to personally advise you on all the available options.


The Material: Hercules Rope or Polypropylene Rope

We offer climbing nets made of Hercules rope for many years’ outdoor use or for permanent installation on playground equipment or play towers. These nets consist of four to six twisted steel braids covered with polyester yarn and then twisted together with an additional rope core to make an extremely resilient rope. To prevent abrasion, the nets are also given a special impregnation. The result is a very strong, abrasion-proof rope, which after many years of use can still cope with even the heaviest demands on the net.

For simpler applications or you prefer a softer feel, we also offer classic climbing nets made of polypropylene cordage (also called PP rope). These are intertwined at the knot points, creating a classic look that is perfect for lounge nets or play equipment in indoor areas. Even though the knots can be felt, they feel much softer with the polypropylene cordage, as the entire climbing net is made without the steel braids found in the Hercules net.


The Rope Connections: Available Types

Kletternetz Knoten Kunststoffkugel

Hercules Climbing Nets with Plastic Knots

  •  cordage with steel core
  •  strong rope connections
  •  rigid construction
  •  pleasant touch without corners
  •  easy replacement of single ropes


Kletternetz Knoten Aluminiumkugel

Hercules Climbing Nets with Aluminium Knots

  •  cordage with steel core
  •  strong rope connections with high force transmission
  •  rigid construction
  •  pleasant touch without corners
  •  premium appearance


Kletternetz Knoten Edelstahlklammer

Hercules Climbing Nets with Stainless Steel Clamps

  •  cordage with steel core
  •  slim design
  •  rigid construction
  •  premium appearance
  •  only suitable for horizontal use


Kletternetz Kreuzknoten

Braided Hercules Climbing Nets

  •  cordage with steel core
  •  rope connections without additional parts
  •  rigid construction
  •  classical netting appearance


Kletternetz PP Flechtknoten

Braided Polypropyle Climbing Nets

  •  flexible cordage
  •  rope connections without additional parts
  •  classical netting appearance
  •  reasonably priced



Installation of Climbing Nets

Depending on requirements and possibilities, a climbing net or a climbing wall can be installed in many different places. For example, indoor spaces can be excellent for climbing use if the net is mounted in the children’s room. A loft bed is often ideal for this purpose. Large halls such as gyms and indoor playing fields offer lots of space and many possibilities for installing a climbing net. We strongly advise you to sketch a clear plan in advance for designing these spaces.

There are also multiple possible variations and combinations for deploying climbing nets outdoors. A climbing wall in the garden transforms this patch of green into an exciting jungle for the children. In addition, a climbing net can be fastened to trees to protect the children’s inquisitive attempts at climbing. If you have built a play tower in the rear courtyard or garden, you can make it still more attractive for the little ones with a climbing wall.


Climbing Nets for Every Budget

If you have a fixed budget for indoor or outdoor play equipment and climbing units, it’s well worth taking a look at our list of climbing nets, which can be filtered as you like. Keep within your fixed financial limit and choose the climbing net that’s best for you in that range. What’s more, we’re also happy to help you choose the right climbing net, bearing in mind all your requests and specifications. Simply contact us!
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