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Custom-Made Goal Nets

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Playing soccer on the field, handball and indoor soccer have one thing in common: The round must go into the square. As is well known, shooting balls into goals in soccer and handball are decisive for victory and defeat. Therefore, durable high quality goal nets are indispensable for these sports. Whether indoor or outdoor: Our weather- and tear-resistant polypropylene nets lets players in halls and on sports fields score numerous goals in soccer matches. For example, for soccer goals or mini goals, configure dimensionally stable custom nets. There are almost no limits to your individual ideas. Order colored goal nets now and give your sports field a new look. Because with nets that meet the demands of your sport, the sport is even more fun.

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The Right Goal Net - Not Only for the Soccer Goal

Every sport makes its own demands on the goal net. The nets used differ mainly in their size due to the different sizes of goals. Likewise, the ideal mesh size varies depending on the sport. For example, the mesh of the handball net must be narrower than that of the soccer goal net because of the smaller balls. Our range includes high-strength nets for handball and hockey goals. In addition, we offer long-lasting goal nets for soccer goals - regardless of whether you play on the sports field or exhaust yourself at indoor soccer. Pay attention to matching goal net holders or net hooks, so that the sports net withstands the dynamic course of the game. Not crucial for playing but useful as protection for the spectators or adjacent areas are ball nets. These safety nets can safely intercept balls, hockey pucks & Co. To do this, attach the ball net directly behind the goal or in the side area of the playing field. The spectators of your games will be grateful to you.


Buy Goal Nets: Wide Range of Net depths, Colors & Thicknesses Available!

Whether for mini-goals, youth goals or larger goals: All our goal nets are made of polypropylene and thus always knotless and high tenacity. This material is the standard even on world championship level matches, as it is extremely weather resistant and characterized by its longevity. In addition, the all round bordering of the net edge contributes positively to the quality of the nets. This confers a clean conclusion on all sides to the meshes of the goal nets and thus ensures stable and strong attachment points. With the optimal attachment you are guaranteed that no ball will miss anymore. Choose from a variety of sizes, net depths, mesh sizes, and material diameter to meet the needs of your sport. Many of our goal nets are available in various colors. Ideally, decorate your goals with high tenacity sports nets in your club colors. Incidentally, even the bordering and all seams are always carried out in the color of the net. When configuring your custom goal net, you can also opt for two-tone or colorful soccer goal nets. With the look of these nets you are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.
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