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Safety Nets Protect People, Animals and Products

It's a fact: when it comes to safety, not all nets are the same. No matter whether safety net for loft beds or open-plan upper levels, building-site safety nets, aviary nets, fall safety nets, guardrail nets, barrier nets, climbing nets, a sandbox cover net oder cat safety nets. Nets are useful aids that can be used in versatile and flexible ways to protect people, animals or for load securing. However, each application makes specific demands on safety nets. For instance, dust protection nets need to be exceptionally fine-meshed to catch pollutant dust. Climbing nets, on the other hand, have to be more wide-meshed to allow hands to effortlessly find a hold. There are even legal guidelines governing the properties and installation of building-site safety nets for protecting personnel during construction work. You can find information on the different safety nets and conveniently order the net you would like here.


Safety Nets for Industry, Recreation and the Home

We offer safety and guard nets for every requirement. In the area of building-site nets, we offer fall safety nets as well as scaffolding nets for side-mounted protection. The fall safety and guardrail nets are European Standard-certified and conform to the current German Employers' Liability Insurance Association for the Building Trade (Bau-BG) regulation no. 179. We also offer guard nets for industrial uses. Pallet rack safety nets ensure that goods are safely stored on high racks and that personnel are protected from falling goods. Again, on the sport field, our nets installed along the edge of the playing field protect spectators from stray balls. Whether football or golf ball, the right ball net prevents injury and lost balls. Our nets can also be used in very versatile ways in the house and garden. In the living area, for example, they create a safe playing area for your children on the loft bed or balcony. In the garden, leaf nets prevent pools and ponds from being contaminated by falling leaves. Screen nets on balconies or terraces block the view of inquisitive neighbours and provide shade on hot summer days. So safety and guard nets can be deployed in many different ways. Visit our shop to find the perfect net for your requirements!


Safety Nets Made to Measure

Our nets are available in a variety of standard sizes, but can also be individually configured and produced to match the requirements of our customers. Special shapes are no problem either. Choose the appropriate mesh size, material thickness, size and colour of the net fabric precisely according to your personal requirements. Many safety nets are also available with an optional border, which gives the anchorage points on the net greater stability. As an all-round supplier in the field of safety nets, we also offer suitable accessories for mounting and anchoring our products. You can choose from a wide selection of ropes, tension straps, hooks, eyelets and much more. If you have any difficulty, selecting the correct thickness of net, problems concerning installation, a special request or any other questions, you are of course most welcome to contact us before you purchase a net.