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Nets for Leave Protection, Agricultural Use & Vegetation

High quality nets offer versatile help around the house, garden and balcony to secure or support the cultivation of fruit and vegetable plants. For this reason, in our category on plant and garden nets you will find a wide range of different nets that offer you more safety and comfort in the outdoor area as well as in plant growing. These include, among others, pond nets, bird protection nets and trellis nets, as well as harvest nets and foliage nets.

All nets are made of weather-resistant material and are particularly durable. You can also order many of our garden nets in individual measurements and mesh sizes as well as in selected colors. Of course, this also applies to most of the plant nets. Take a look at the individual nets and benefit at Safetynet365 from the custom manufacturing as well as the fast delivery of all plant and garden nets.



Pond Nets for the Garden Pond

Pond nets have three essential tasks in the garden: First, pond nets act as leaf protection to minimize pond contamination and simplify pond maintenance. Secondly, pond nets can serve as safety nets to ensure that no one is harmed if they fall into the pond. The latter nets must be manufactured and installed in a particularly safe manner. Pond nets that serve to protect children, for example, have the same characteristics as safety nets for personal protection. The third type is nets that protect fish from predators such as herons. You can also conveniently order and buy these nets online at Safetynet365.

Pond nets for collecting leaves will help you make pond maintenance more pleasant. If too many leaves were to fall into the pond and become stale at the bottom, the pond or the special habitat would receive too many nutrients, which usually results in a significant growth of algae. With a weather-resistant and durable pond cover net, you also effectively counteract an algae bloom.


Bird Protection Nets in the Garden

Bird safety nets also have two basic tasks: Either the net protects the birds - for example, in an aviary from predators - or, conversely, the safety net protects an object such as a fruit tree or house from the animals. Especially in the defense against pigeons, the latter protective nets find an animal-friendly and effective use.

Among the bird protection nets you can find specialized models for any use. So you get among other things heron nets, pigeon nets and general bird protection nets with different mesh sizes and sizes. Of course, all bird nets are weatherproof, durable and of high quality workmanship. You buy bird protection nets and other garden nets conveniently online in our store - and custom-made, if you wish.


Creeper Nets for Climbing Plants

Whether vines, ivy or rose plants, climbing plants are often planted around the house and garden for greenery, as useful plants or for decoration. So that the climbing plants find sufficient support in the planned place - and do not "look around" for alternatives such as the plaster of the house facade - offer them trellis nets as a climbing aid. You can buy climbing nets at Safetynet365 in various sizes or in individual measurements. You can choose from different colors, mesh sizes and strengths. You can also order special facade nets from us conveniently online.

All climbing nets are made of polypropylene or stainless steel and are therefore durable and weatherproof. Whether for vegetable cultivation of tomatoes, peas and cucumbers or shading by ivy and vine, plant nets make your work easier and give climbing plants an optimal climbing aid. Young plants in particular need particularly fine-linked nets so that the small shoots can hold on tightly. Our creeper nets are therefore ideally suited to the needs of trelling and climbing plants. If you need a special size for your plant nets, simply contact us and then order your individual climbing nets conveniently in the online store at Safetynet365.


Harvest Nets for Fruit Harvest

Make harvesting easier for fruit trees and use one of our harvesting nets. Harvest time, that means: fresh fruit and delicious fruits from your own garden. However, manual harvesting is quite laborious, especially for large fruit trees such as apple, cherry or plum. In addition, falling fruit is often damaged and eaten by worms and insects. To keep more of the fruit for you and make fruit harvesting easier, use a harvesting net.

If you stretch the special plant net just above the ground, the fruit falls softly into the net without contact with the ground. The fruit remains largely undamaged, the lawn underneath is clean and the collection is done quickly with the folding of the net. That's how easy you can make harvesting. Try it and order all garden nets directly online at Safetynet365!


Leaf Nets for Garden Maintenance

Sweeping or collecting leaves is probably not a pleasure for any amateur gardener - but it is part of the annual gardening work. However, you can make the effort easier and do a lot of good, especially for your garden pond, if you resort to custom-made leaf nets. With these practical garden nets, you will catch the leaves especially in areas that are otherwise difficult to clean. This primarily concerns the garden pond or the swimming pool. In both cases, leaf nets will help you keep the pond or swimming area free of leaves without having to do much yourself.

The nets reliably catch falling leaves and can then be removed to be emptied and cleaned over the compost, for example. You can also protect other areas that are difficult to clean, such as light wells or flower beds, from leaves with the right leaf net. To ensure that the nets blend in well with the overall look of the area, simply choose the appropriate garden net in the matching color. Of course, all leaf nets in our online store are of high quality workmanship and made of weather-resistant material. In addition, convince yourself of our leaf protection covers!


Lawn Protection Fabric

Having a really beautiful lawn in the garden usually means quite a bit of work. That makes it all the more important to protect the area from damage in the event of intense heat or cold. This is where protective lawn fabric, which you simply lay directly over the lawn in question, can help you. Whether in severe drought or intense sunlight, our weather-resistant fabrics offer your lawn reliable protection.

By the way, the lawn protection fabrics offer another use for special guests in your garden: moles. As small and cute as the protected animals are, they and their constructions do not stop even the most well-kept lawn. With a protective mesh stretched across the lawn, you'll make life difficult for the little master builders and they'll choose another area to burrow. Take a look at our plant nets in detail now!


Slope sSafety Nets

Some gardens in Germany are also located directly on a slope or embankment that poses a potential hazard. In order to prevent the imminent danger of falling rocks or detaching boulders, you can use high-quality slope protection nets. With the protection and garden nets, you can reliably secure the slope, whereby the weather-resistant and tear-proof nets from our online store will provide you with good and durable services.

The investment is also worthwhile for smaller slopes. Even pebbles, once they have gained speed, can quickly cause significant damage to objects. With our slope safety nets for private use, you significantly reduce the risk of both property damage and personal injury. Contact us directly. We will be happy to advise you and customize the optimal safety net for you!


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