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Net Material Overview

The following table gives you an overview of all combinations of rope diameters, mesh sizes and colors. Need any help choosing the right rope diameter or mesh size? Simply ask us!


Custom-Made Safety Nets

Item No.MaterialRope DiameterMesh SizeMax. Tensile Strength
of a Mesh
WeightAvailable Colors
202-020 polypropylene1.0 mm20 mm200 N50 g/m²
202-030 polypropylene1.0 mm30 mm200 N30 g/m²
202-050 polypropylene1.0 mm50 mm200 N20 g/m²
203-008* polypropylene1.5 mm8 mm250 N190 g/m²
1203-010* polypropylene1.5 mm10 mm250 N150 g/m²
203-020 polypropylene1.5 mm20 mm250 N80 g/m²
203-028 polypropylene1.5 mm28 mm250 N55 g/m²
203-030 polypropylene1.5 mm30 mm250 N50 g/m²
203-050 polypropylene1.5 mm50 mm250 N35 g/m²
203-060 polypropylene1.5 mm60 mm250 N30 g/m²
203-100 polypropylene1.5 mm100 mm250 N15 g/m²
201-020 polypropylene1.8 mm20 mm600 N130 g/m²
201-025 polypropylene1.8 mm25 mm600 N100 g/m²
201-030 polypropylene1.8 mm30 mm600 N85 g/m²
200-020 polypropylene2.3 mm20 mm800 N180 g/m²
200-025 polypropylene2.3 mm25 mm800 N145 g/m²
200-030 polypropylene2.3 mm30 mm800 N135 g/m²
200-045 polypropylene2.3 mm45 mm800 N90 g/m²
200-100 polypropylene2.3 mm100 mm800 N50 g/m²
200-120 polypropylene2.3 mm120 mm800 N35 g/m²
205-100 polypropylene2.8 mm100 mm1000 N60 g/m²
205-120 polypropylene2.8 mm120 mm1000 N50 g/m²
209-030 polypropylene3.0 mm30 mm1250 N260 g/m²
209-045 polypropylene3.0 mm45 mm1250 N150 g/m²
209-045-4F polypropylene3.0 mm45 mm1250 N150 g/m²
209-100 polypropylene3.0 mm100 mm1250 N75 g/m²
209-120 polypropylene3.0 mm120 mm1250 N65 g/m²
216-035 polyester3.0 mm35 mm1100 N230 g/m²
216-045 polyester3.0 mm45 mm1100 N185 g/m²
216-100 polyester3.0 mm100 mm1100 N90 g/m²
216-130 polyester3.0 mm120 mm1100 N70 g/m²
207-045 polypropylene3.5 mm45 mm1400 N200 g/m²
207-100 polypropylene3.5 mm100 mm1400 N100 g/m²
207-120 polypropylene3.5 mm120 mm1400 N70 g/m²
215-030 polypropylene4.0 mm30 mm1600 N330 g/m²
215-045 polypropylene4.0 mm45 mm1600 N210 g/m²
215-100 polypropylene4.0 mm100 mm1600 N110 g/m²
215-100-2F polypropylene4.0 mm100 mm1600 N110 g/m²
215-120 polypropylene4.0 mm120 mm1600 N90 g/m²
215-120-2F polypropylene4.0 mm120 mm1600 N90 g/m²
210-035 polyester4.0 mm35 mm2000 N350 g/m²
210-045 polyester4.0 mm45 mm2000 N285 g/m²
210-100 polyester4.0 mm100 mm2000 N150 g/m²
210-130 polyester4.0 mm130 mm2000 N100 g/m²
214-045 polypropylene4.2 mm45 mm1800 N230 g/m²
211-045 polyester4.5 mm45 mm2500 N400 g/m²
212-030 polypropylene5.0 mm30 mm3200 N500 g/m²
212-045 polypropylene5.0 mm45 mm3200 N400 g/m²
212-060 polypropylene5.0 mm60 mm3200 N300 g/m²
212-070 polypropylene5.0 mm70 mm3200 N275 g/m²
212-100 polypropylene5.0 mm100 mm3200 N200 g/m²
212-120 polypropylene5.0 mm120 mm3200 N170 g/m²
212-300 polypropylene5.0 mm300 mm3200 N55 g/m²
213-100 polypropylene6.0 mm100 mm4200 N360 g/m²

*diagonal/hexagonal meshes, only available without a border.



Custom-Made Construction-Site Safety Nets

Item No.MaterialRope DiameterMesh SizeEdge DesignSafety Net
Net ClassEnergy
Available Colors
1903-100 polypropylene5.0 mm100 mmedged ropeSA24.8 kJ
1903-060 polypropylene5.0 mm60 mmedged ropeSA16.1 kJ
1903-045 polypropylene5.0 mm45 mmedged ropeSB19.0 kJ
2003-100 polypropylene5.0 mm100 mmedged rope with thimble hooksSA24.8 kJ
2003-060 polypropylene5.0 mm60 mmedged rope with thimble hooksSA16.1 kJ
2003-045 polypropylene5.0 mm45 mmedged rope with thimble hooksSB19.0 kJ
2103-100 polypropylene5.0 mm100 mmedged rope with suspension ropesSA24.8 kJ
2103-060 polypropylene5.0 mm60 mmedged rope with suspension ropesSA16.1 kJ
2103-045 polypropylene5.0 mm45 mmedged rope with suspension ropesSB19.0 kJ
3000-100 polypropylene5.0 mm100 mmangeketteltes Einfass-SeilUA24.4 kJ
3000-060 polypropylene5.0 mm60 mmangeketteltes Einfass-SeilUA16.1 kJ
3000-045 polypropylene5.0 mm45 mmangeketteltes Einfass-SeilUB19.0 kJ



Custom-Made Flame-Retardant Safety Nets

Item No.MaterialRope DiameterMesh SizeMax. Tensile Strength of a MeshFire Protection ClassificationWeightAvailable Colors
202PSF023 polyester1.0 mm23 mm200 NDIN 4102 B150 g/m²
203F050 polypropylene1.5 mm50 mm250 NDIN 4102 B140 g/m²
204F008* polypropylene1.8 mm8 mm270 NDIN 4102 B1260 g/m²
200F025 polypropylene2.3 mm25 mm800 NDIN 4102 B1160 g/m²
200F045 polypropylene2.3 mm45 mm800 NDIN 4102 B1100 g/m²
209F045 polypropylene3.0 mm45 mm1250 NDIN 4102 B1165 g/m²
212F045 polypropylene5.0 mm45 mm3200 NDIN 4102 B1440 g/m²
212F060 polypropylene5.0 mm60 mm3200 NDIN 4102 B1330 g/m²
212F100 polypropylene5.0 mm100 mm3200 NDIN 4102 B1220 g/m²

*diagonal/hexagonal meshes, only available without a border.



Custom-Made Climbing Nets

Item No.MaterialMesh ConnectionRope DiameterMesh SizeMin. Breaking Force
of Rope
Available Colors
4316-130 hercules rope with steel coreplastic knot system16.0 mm125 mm42.0 kN
4316-250 hercules rope with steel coreplastic knot system16.0 mm250 mm42.0 kN
4316-300 hercules rope with steel coreplastic knot system16.0 mm300 mm42.0 kN
4316-350 hercules rope with steel coreplastic knot system16.0 mm350 mm42.0 kN
4316-400 hercules rope with steel coreplastic knot system16.0 mm400 mm42.0 kN
4316-500 hercules rope with steel coreplastic knot system16.0 mm500 mm42.0 kN
4116-110 polypropylene ropeknot-tied, braided16.0 mm110 mm31.7 kN
4116-250 polypropylene ropeknot-tied, braided16.0 mm250 mm31.7 kN
4116-300 polypropylene ropeknot-tied, braided16.0 mm300 mm31.7 kN
4116-400 polypropylene ropeknot-tied, braided16.0 mm400 mm31.7 kN
4116-500 polypropylene ropeknot-tied, braided16.0 mm500 mm31.7 kN
4120-250 polypropylene ropeknot-tied, braided20.0 mm250 mm51.2 kN
4120-300 polypropylene ropeknot-tied, braided20.0 mm300 mm51.2 kN
4120-400 polypropylene ropeknot-tied, braided20.0 mm400 mm51.2 kN
4120-500 polypropylene ropeknot-tied, braided20.0 mm500 mm51.2 kN
4125-250 polypropylene ropeknot-tied, braided25.0 mm250 mm71.7 kN
4125-300 polypropylene ropeknot-tied, braided25.0 mm300 mm71.7 kN



Custom-Made Sheets

Item No.MaterialMesh SizeWeightShadingAvailable Colors
720 polyethylene, closemesh fabric panels1 x 3 mm200 g/m²50 : 50
775 polyethylene, tape/monofilament closemesh0,3 x 0.3 mm320 g/m²90 : 10
790 polyester, coated with PVC2 x 2 mm400 g/m²50 : 50
785 polypropylene, closemesh fabric panels2 x 6 mm550 g/m²50 : 50
771 polypropylene, closemesh fabric panels1 x 1 mm510 g/m²98 : 2
795 jute, woven fabric1 x 1 mm450 g/m²50 : 50