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Ski Slope Nets

Safety nets for ski slopes protect skiers in particular from dangerous areas and thus save lives. In order for ski slope safety nets to master this important task in the ski area without complaint, the nets for ski slope safety must meet the highest quality standards and comply with the standards for personal fall safety nets according to EN 1263-1 in Germany. There is currently no EU-wide or internationally applicable regulation for the installation of ski safety nets.

Our nets from Safetynet365 comply with the specifications of the standard applied in this country and thus offer the safe absorption of the required minimum energy that can be expected from the impact of a skier. In addition to the ski slope safety nets, you will also find snow guard fences as well as triangular nets and barrier nets for all ski slopes in our online store. Rely on the reliable safety of our safety nets!

Sub-Categories to Ski Slope Nets

Snow Fences

Wherever snow drifts and powder snow get onto roadways, tracks, paths or private property, snow fences help to keep nature in check. Properly installed and used, snow fences thus protect not only the affected area from drifts, but also road traffic from freezing ice and impassable roads. The fences and safety nets also reliably protect ski slopes and hiking trails.

At Safetynet365 you can buy snow fences made of rot-proof polyethylene knitted fabric including integrated mounting rods made of fiberglass-reinforced polyester. This means that the rods for fastening our flexible snow nets are also particularly flexible and durable. The mesh size of our snow fences is 15 x 60 mm - ideal for danger-free snow drifting - and the length is 50&nobs;m. In addition, you can get the snow fences with additionally reinforced mesh in the longitudinal direction as well as all accessories for easy and safe installation. Thanks to the low dead weight, our safety nets are pleasantly easy to transport.

The longevity of the snow fences is ensured by the rot-free fabric as well as their poles and the generally high weather resistance including UV stabilisation. In other words, when you buy the snow fences you need from our online store, you get safe, durable and versatile safety nets.


Ski Slope Safety Nets

While snow fences protect roads, ski slopes and hiking trails from snow drifts and freezing ice, ski slope safety nets in ski resorts provide direct protection for skiers and snowboarders - and not just during rapid descents. Once off the slope, the safety net reliably catches the person in question before they enter further into the ski area's danger zone. The safety nets thus prevent falls on the slopes and close off heavily wooded areas or areas threatened by avalanches. In addition, the nets mark the course of the slope thanks to their signal colors such as red or orange.

To get reliable protection for all slopes in the ski resort - whether cross-country or downhill - rely on the ski slope nets from Safetynet365. We offer safety nets that meet the standards of personal fall safety nets according to EN 1263-1. In our online store you can buy ski slope safety nets made to measure for constructions with rigid posts as well as for those with flexible posts. Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions about ski slope safety as well as the corresponding safety nets!


Triangular Ski Slope Nets

In addition to the ski slope safety nets, you can use so called triangular nets to warn of obstacles and to protect skiers in the event of a collision with the protected object. You can use the warning and protection nets in the ski area, for example, to secure smaller groups of trees and larger stones or the posts of the ski lift. The triangular nets are also designed for this purpose with the warning color orange and meet the requirements of the International Ski Federation (FIS).

Even more than the safety nets for the slope, triangular nets must have different dimensions in terms of area, length or diameter in order to secure the corresponding objects in the best possible way. In our online store, you can also choose from different mesh sizes, which in turn comply with the FIS regulations. Of course, the triangular nets are also made of UV and weather-resistant material. Learn more about the triangle nets at Safetynet365 now!


Ski Slope Barrier Nets

To visibly and physically effectively secure a ski slope in a ski resort from careless entry or travel, use ski barrier nets to delimit it. These nets do not serve to directly protect skiers or winter sports enthusiasts when they leave the slope - for this purpose, use our ski slope safety nets. Rather, the barrier nets prevent other people from entering the slope carelessly and in a dangerous place. With the barrier nets, you effectively delimit a ski slope such as a steep downhill slope, among other things, in the area of parking lots, wooded areas or along roads. The protection is supported by the bright color.

You can also buy ski slope barrier nets conveniently online at Safetynet365. If you have any questions about the products or ski slope delimitation with protective nets in general, feel free to contact us directly now.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Color are Safety Nets for Ski Slopes?

Whether ski slope safety nets, barrier nets or triangular nets, these nets must all be clearly visible at all times. For this purpose, our safety nets come in bright orange or red<7STRONG>. Of course, both the material used and the colors are UV and weather resistant.

By the way, the same applies to the snow fences from Safetynet365, but they are in green. Since these nets do not have a direct protective function for winter sports enthusiasts, they may be designed inconspicuously. Thus, the nets visually fit better into the landscape and do not feign danger.


What Mesh Size for Ski Slope Nets?

In Germany, ski slope safety nets must comply with EN 1263-1 for personal safety nets. A maximum mesh size as well as the catching safety in the event of an impact at certain speeds is also defined by the International Ski Federation FIS. If you want to use safety nets outside German ski areas, you must also comply with the respective regional or national regulations of the ski area with regard to the required mesh size.

If you have any questions about the production of individual lengths, mesh sizes and heights as well as used materials of the required safety nets, please feel free to contact us directly. We are looking forward to your inquiry!
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