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Snow Fencing

Snow fences save lives. In mountainous regions like the Alps or the Central German Uplands, snow fences are deployed to combat hazardous snowdrifts. When installed correctly, they minimise the dangers which can be posed by drifts of powder snow on roads, rail tracks or private plots of land.

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Snow Fence 1.10 x 50.00 m - Complete Set

with included posts, ground sleeves and ground anchors

Height: 1.10 m
Length: 50.00 m

Shipping Time: 7-9 working days
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Combat Snowdrifts Effectively

Snow fences are always deployed in places where large open areas without natural vegetation are unable to offer any protection against wind. When it snows in winter, a fence is mounted around this area to prevent the formation of snowdrifts, which could otherwise accumulate on roads or rail tracks. There, they freeze and can cause serious accidents in conditions of poor visibility. They can trigger avalanches on sloping terrain. A snow fence or snow guard is an attempt to check these freaks of nature.

Besides the protective aspect, the use of snow fences has many additional advantages. Thanks to their rapid installation and low weight, they allow, for example, road maintenance staff or land owners to be mobile, able to quickly move the nets elsewhere if need be. The snow fences from the Safetynet365 shop are made of a polyethylene fabric, and consist of the snow net and integrated flexible glass-fibre-reinforced polyester mounting poles. Due to the structure of these materials, the fence cannot rot. The special mesh openings of the 50-meter-long fence units ensure optimal blocking and snowdrift formation. Choose the standard ground sleeves for firm and medium-firm ground or the model with additional support discs for softer ground, in order to safely anchor your snow net.


Professional Installation Saves Lives

Several snow fences should always be positioned staggered/offset in relation to one another, to allow continued deer crossing. However, always leave the installation of snow fences to professionals. If they are installed incorrectly, the fences are practically ineffective or can even increase the impact of the snowdrifts. When installed correctly, your one-time purchase will give many years of service. On the bottom of our products, you always find installation guidelines for each individual snow fence.

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