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Sport Nets

In the category sports nets there are on the one hand goal nets for soccer, handball, field hockey and co. and on the other hand ball stop nets with specific properties for different sports. Learn more about the different sports nets and their applications below.



Ball Stop Nets

Ball stop nets are used in a wide variety of ball sports, both indoors and outdoors. On the one hand, the nets stretched around the playing field or behind the goals protect the spectators of the game from flying balls. On the other hand, ball stop nets also ensure a smoother game because the balls do not fly too far away from the playing field in case of missed throws or shots and the search for the ball is avoided. If the playing field is located near roads, traffic is also protected because the balls do not roll onto the road thanks to catch nets.

Depending on the sport and the size of the balls used there, sports nets with different mesh sizes are suitable. You can get ball stop nets in different strengths and mesh sizes depending on the sport at Safetynet365 in prefabricated sizes or individually made to measure. If there are no fastening possibilities around the field, you can fix your ball stop net with poles around the field. Suitable poles including ground sockets and net holders for sports nets you can also buy from us.


Goal Nets

Goal nets for soccer, handball and other ball sports do not surround the playing field, but hold the balls directly in the goal. Since almost every sport has individual goal sizes here, different sized goal nets are needed, which also withstand different requirements. The ideal mesh size of the sports nets also varies depending on the sport. In the Safetynet365 store you will find a wide range of different goal nets made of tear-resistant and weatherproof polypropylene, which is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.


Soccer Nets

Soccer goal nets as well as indoor soccer goal nets are available from us in all usual sizes as well as in various colors. So you can cover every kind of soccer goal like mini goals, youth goals and professional goals with perfectly fitting nets. As for the colors, you can choose from single-color or multi-color soccer goal nets. Of course, you can also design your goals in your club colors.


Buy Goal Nets

At Safetynet365 you can buy goal nets in prefabricated sizes or custom-made per square meter, depending on your needs. In our configurator, you specify the desired rope diameter, mesh size and the required size exactly, so that your goal net is guaranteed to fit perfectly to the size of the professional, mini or youth goal.


Volleyball Nets

For volleyball, you need not only a net in the middle of the court over which the ball is played. For powerfully hit balls, a protective ball net is also useful for both indoor volleyball and beach volleyball - especially if spectators are present. For volleyballs, a protective net with a mesh size of 100 mm is sufficient. In terms of material thickness, it depends on the intended use of the sports net: the higher the rope diameter, the higher the energy absorption. For training or when young people or children play, you may choose a lower material thickness than for competitions in adult league play - this applies equally to beach volleyball. The size you choose in the Safetynet365 store individually according to the required size.


Arrow Nets

To protect people and animals from the sharp and fast arrows in archery, install very close-meshed arrow protection nets widely around the targets. Archery Netting from Safetynet365 made of tear-resistant polypropylene are particularly close-meshed and reliably catch stray arrows. Since the nets are light and air-permeable despite their density, they are easy to handle and simple to attach to tensioned ropes or tensioning lines around the targets.


Table Tennis Nets

For table tennis, in addition to the nets on the table, you may also need to stretch protective nets around the individual tables - at a sufficient distance from the table and the players. This way, spectators are spared from hitting balls and the balls do not get lost in the spectator area. Another advantage of table tennis ball catching nets: If several players play at several tables at the same time, use suitable sports nets to separate the individual tables safely and reliably from each other.


Tennis Nets

Outdoor tennis courts are usually securely fenced to protect stray tennis balls from being lost in the environment as well as adjacent areas from the balls. Indoor tennis courts also offer ball stop nets with small mesh size to keep the tennis balls largely on the court. Tennis nets are available at Safetynet365 in various sizes as well as custom-made to fit your purposes. The attachment of the lightweight polypropylene sports nets is done via hooks or carabiners - for example, on the ceiling of the hall. We also offer tennis court screens made to measure and in various colors.


Basketball Nets

Safetynet365 also offers durable and hard-wearing ball catching nets for indoor and outdoor basketball sports. For the large basketballs, a mesh size of 120 mm is sufficient. Choose your basketball net in prefabricated size or custom made in various colors.


Badminton Nets

Sports nets for badminton are also useful for protecting spectators against stray balls. Especially in badminton, where people often play on several courts next to each other, ball catching nets also create practical partitions between the individual courts. Badminton nets from Safetynet365 are so finely meshed that the shuttlecock is reliably stopped. The nets come to you in custom-made design on request.


Golf Nets

Golf balls made of hard plastic reach extremely high speeds with powerful shots. Golf nets are therefore particularly important for protection against these projectiles - especially in the tee area, where several golfers may be standing next to each other. Depending on the area of application, we can supply golf nets in various material thicknesses for short hitting distances, such as those that occur in the teeing area, as well as for medium and long hitting distances. For each golf course we manufacture protective nets in size and width exactly according to the required dimensions.


Handball Nets

For handball you get nets for handball goals and ball stop nets made to measure. The relatively large handballs do not require particularly fine-meshed sports nets, but must absorb quite a bit of throwing energy. In this regard, our tear-resistant polypropylene nets offer maximum safety for spectators while hardly restricting the view of the game thanks to knotless processing. You can also choose from various colors for your custom-made handball goal net or ball stop net.


Other Sports Nets And Accessories

In addition to goal nets and ball nets for the already mentioned sports, at Safetynet365 you will find a wide range of sports nets for other sports. This includes nets for:

  •  Hockey
  •  Baseball
  •  Football
  •  Squash
  •  Cricket

You can also buy drone nets and model flight safety nets in custom sizes at Safetynet365.

In order to install the sports nets professionally, you can get suitable accessories such as ropes and tension lines, hooks, eyelets and screws, ground anchors as well as tools for fastening also in our store.


Frequently Asked Questions

How High Is A Tennis Net?

A tennis net is attached to the two net posts at the edge of the court at a height of 107 cm. In the middle of the field, the net is 91.4 cm high.


How High Is A Table Tennis Net?

The table tennis net is officially 15.25 cm high - that is, mounted on the table so that the top edge of the net is 15.25 cm from the table top. The table tennis table itself is also 76 cm high.


How Many Meshes Has A Goal Net?

The number of meshes depends on the size of the net, which in turn depends on the size of the goal. In addition, goal nets are also available in different mesh sizes - the larger the mesh size, the fewer individual meshes the net has. A goal net in the German Bundesliga with the usual mesh size of 120 mm x 120 mm and free net suspension without hoops has approximately 2,900 - 3,000 meshes.


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