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Safety Nets by the m²

In this category, you have the option of carrying out a targeted search for a net that fulfils your requirements. Do you know precisely which material thickness or mesh size your net requires? Then you can conveniently choose your net from the subcategories, choose the desired colour and enter the length and width to design your made-to-measure net. You can adapt any safety net to fit your requirements, centimeter by centimeter and square meter by square meter. In addition, many nets are available by the meter.


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Safety Nets for Any Requirement

We offer a selection of over 40 safety nets with combinations of ten different material thicknesses of between 1.0 and 6.0 millimeters and 13 different mesh sizes of between 10 and 300 millimeters. From a 1.5 mm-thick bird protection net or aviary net to a 5.0 mm-thick fall safety net tested by the German Employers’ Liability Insurance Association (BG) in conformity with European Standard EN 1263-1 – here you’ll find the right net, made to measure for every application.


Which Net Thickness is Right for You?

To help you, we’ve already filtered out the right net thicknesses for many applications in multiple categories. In this category, you have the option of viewing all the different net thicknesses, ordered by price. The overview of all the available nets also offers you an overview of all the materials, features and colors of our safety nets. Need any help choosing the right thickness or mesh size? Simply ask us!
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