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Safety Nets for Machinery Protection & Property Protection

In machine and object protection, safety nets are mainly used to protect people from falling or falling objects. Read more about this and other possible uses of safety nets in the following.



Rack Safety Nets

Shelf safety nets are used to secure objects on high shelves. Protected with appropriate nets, goods and merchandise remain in place even at great heights in the racks and are protected from falling down. Shelf safety nets for securing goods are attached vertically to the respective shelves. At the same time as protecting goods from falling down, the safety nets also provide protection for people who, thanks to the net, will not be hit by any objects falling from the shelves.

Furthermore, personal fall safety nets are also part of the racking safety nets: You install these nets to catch falling persons working on the high rack and thus protect them from injury. Alternatively, you can also use shelf safety nets as goods separators if you want to prevent items stored in a warehouse from tipping over and carrying away other goods.

At Safetynet365 you get shelf safety nets in standard sizes, which fit perfectly to storage shelves made of standard pallets. If you need individual net sizes for your shelves, we manufacture custom-made protective nets to fit your needs exactly.


Anti-Litter Nets

As a landfill operator, you are required by law to keep materials stored in landfills in place so that the surrounding area is not polluted. You install anti-litter nets, or landfill nets, around landfills. The nets keep lightweight materials like paper, plastics and foam from flying off the landfill. Ideally, you stretch a anti-litter net so that it covers the entire area of the landfill.

At Safetynet365 you can get anti-litter nets in various standard sizes. If you need other dimensions or special shapes, we also manufacture custom-made landfill nets. For the installation of the nets at your landfill, you can get appropriate accessories such as tension belts and tripod frames directly from our store.


Conveyor Belt Safety Nets

With conveyor belt safety nets you secure goods on conveyor belts. These cannot fall down thanks to protective nets. In this way, you protect the goods to be transported as well as the workers on the conveyor belt, who are protected from injuries caused by falling transport goods. In contrast to mesh bars around conveyor belt systems, goods being transported fall softly into the nets. This is the best way to minimize or avoid damage to goods.

Conveyor belt safety nets you mount next to and / or under conveyor belt systems. At Safetynet365 you get the safety nets in different mesh sizes depending on the size of the transport goods as custom-made. So you get safety nets exactly to the size, length and individual shape of your conveyor belts.


Biogas Plant Securing Net

Due to extreme weather conditions or overpressure inside the biogas plant, the outer shell of the plant can overstretch. Protective nets for biogas plants prevent overstretching and thus protect the outer shell as well as the entire plant. With a biogas plant protection net, you therefore ensure a longer service life for your plant, because damage to the outer shell can be minimized.

Protective nets for biogas plants from Safetynet365 are highly tear-resistant, dimensionally stable and weatherproof - so they are ready for use in any weather on the biogas plant and provide reliable protection. You receive the nets from us individually made to measure.


Slope Nets

Providing slopes and embankments with safety nets is generally recommended. Loose debris that makes its way downhill on slopes can reach enormous speeds and easily injure people and severely damage vehicles. With slope nets, you can enclose sloping areas and effectively protect people and vehicles from falling rocks.

In the Safetynet365 store you will find slope nets in different rope diameters: Pay attention here to how much debris is expected on the slope to be secured. We will be happy to advise you on the choice of the right material thickness. Since all embankments and slopes have individual shapes, you will always receive embankment nets from us made to individual measurements.


Roof Tile Safety Nets

Ailing church steeples, barns or other tiled buildings cannot always be repaired immediately. As the owner, however, one of your responsibilities is to ensure that traffic routes around the dilapidated building are secured. If loose bricks simply fall off and damage vehicles or even injure people, the owner is liable for the damage caused.

Roof tile and facade safety nets provide a remedy when repair is not immediately possible. The nets ensure that loose tiles do not fall unchecked, but are caught directly or held in place. You can install roof nets for securing tiles either directly on the roof or as a catch net in front of or underneath it.

You can obtain roof nets from us in various colors and mesh sizes - if particularly small parts also have to be reliably caught or held, our tarpaulins made of polyethylene are also an option.


Wind Turbine Safety Nets

With safety nets for wind turbines you secure workers who work at heights and in confined spaces on wind turbines. Our safety nets for wind turbines consist of highly tear-resistant nets and a fabric tarpaulin under the respective net. Thanks to the fabric tarpaulin, not only falling persons are reliably caught, but also smaller objects such as tools and installation materials.

When installing the safety net, make sure that the expected load hits the side of the fabric sheet.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Special Shapes Possible For The Safety Nets?

Since many protective nets are intended to secure machines and objects that have very individual shapes, special shapes are also no problem with our nets. There is only one small restriction with regard to the mesh size: Because of this, a net cannot be cut to size at any point, but must be oriented to the respective mesh edges. For special shapes of safety nets, please contact us directly.


From What Height Do You Have To Install Safety Nets?

Safety nets intended to catch people or other security devices are mandatory from a working height of 5 m at the latest. To eliminate risks, however, it is advisable to install nets from a lower working height. If objects or machines are to be secured to prevent loose objects or materials from falling, attach safety nets directly to the object to be secured, regardless of the height.


Can You Cut A Safety Net Yourself?

Depending on what you want to use your safety net for, you can also cut it to size yourself. If you want to secure objects with the net, where it is about that possibly falling parts are caught, a cutting is usually no problem. However, if you want to use the net to catch people in case of a fall, you should not cut it to size yourself, as it will then lose its certification.


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