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Cargo Cover Sheets

Trailer cover sheets are used to protect loose, light loads on transport vehicles such as cars or trucks with trailers. For securing loads in open containers, use container tarps that are compatible with standard container and skip sizes. Learn more about our trailer tarps below.



Tailer Cover Sheets

Load securing covers are used in cars and trucks as well as on trailers and flatbeds to secure loose loads. A load-securing tarpaulin is particularly useful for particularly small and light loads - thanks to the tarpaulin, nothing can fall off the trailer or blow away.

Our cover sheets are made of tear-resistant polyethylene. The sheets are air-permeable, so that the cargo under the trailer cover can breathe if necessary without condensation forming, for example. In addition, the sheet does not inflate in the wind. The cargo is protected under the cover from sunlight and weather conditions.

The trailer covers from Safetynet365 store are to be used as flat tarpaulins. They have stable eyelets of the highest quality around the reinforced edge, with the help of which the trailer sheets are thus stretched directly flat over the trailer, instead of being attached with bows as with high tarpaulins.

The size of the cover you choose a little larger than the opening of the trailer is large. For example, for a trailer measuring 200 by 270 cm, use a tarpaulin measuring 300 by 350 cm. The dimensions refer to the use of the trailer tarpaulin as a flat tarpaulin. If your trailer does not comply with the standard dimensions, we can also produce our high-quality load securing covers individually to measure.

Note: Load securing covers are suitable for small, loose loads. They do not replace positive load securing in accordance with VDU and StVO. For coarser and especially for bulky loads, our load securing nets are sometimes the best choice.


Container And Skip Covers

You use our container sheets to reliably secure cargo in open containers or skips. For securing loads, we offer covers made of tear-resistant and weatherproof polyethylene. Here, too, the fine-meshed fabric is permeable to air and therefore does not inflate in windy conditions. Nevertheless, the cargo under the cover is protected from UV radiation. Depending on the sensitivity of the cargo, you can choose between different densities or shading values of the cover sheets - also different colors are available.

We offer skip covers in nine different sizes for the common container models. However, if you need your container cover in individual size, you can also get them from us custom-made per square meter.

To make it easier to attach the tarpaulins to the container, all of our container covers have reinforced edges and eyelets at regular intervals. You simply pull tensioning lines, expander ropes or tensioning straps through these, which can then be fixed to the container.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Responsible For Securing The Load?

The driver or owner of the vehicle is responsible for securing the load on trucks, cars and other transport vehicles. He must ensure that the load is properly secured, i.e. that it does not slip or even fall off during braking and evasive maneuvers. If a load is not properly secured, the owner or driver of the car or van may face fines. Trailer tarpaulins are particularly suitable for properly securing loads, as they are easy and flexible to install and reliably protect the load.


What Is The Difference Between Flat Tarpaulins And High Tarpaulins For Trailers?

Flat covers for trailers are tarpaulins that you stretch directly over the opening of the trailer. The flat cover is slightly larger than the opening of the trailer itself and can be attached directly to the sides of the trailer using tensioning ropes. For the installation of high tarpaulins, on the other hand, you need a hoop frame that you fix in the trailer. The trailer tarpaulin is stretched over the frame and can be mounted at a greater distance from the trailer opening. High tarpaulins are particularly suitable if the load on the trailer protrudes in height beyond the dimensions of the trailer.