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Cargo Cover Sheets

Tarpaulins are used to properly secure loose and light loads during transport by car, truck or container. Cover Sheets prevent individual parts of the load from falling or being blown off the trailer or loading area during the journey. Thus, a tarpaulin protects not only your goods, but also other road users and thus contributes significantly to road safety.



Tarpaulins for Trailers and Flatbeds

Trailer tarpaulins and cover sheets are used to secure loads on cars, trucks or trailers and flatbeds. Particularly with small and light loads such as bulk goods (gravel, sand, etc.), there is a high risk of individual parts of the load coming loose during the journey. It is therefore important to secure these transport goods sufficiently well - ideally with a closed tarpaulin.

Our flat covers are made of the sturdy plastic polyethylene and are therefore extremely tear-resistant and weatherproof. Due to a special edge reinforcement and practical eyelets in the hem, you can quickly and securely attach the tarps to your trailer or flatbed with rubber cords or tension belts and reliably secure your load.

The fine-mesh air-permeable perforation of the tarpaulin fabric prevents the tarpaulin from inflating due to the airstream during transport. This ensures that the tarpaulin does not tear due to too much wind pressure or is blown off the trailer.

The material of our tarpaulins is also 100% non-toxic, even contact with mucous membranes (mouth, eyes) is completely safe.

The trailer tarps from Safetynet365 are available in many common dimensions of car trailers and flatbeds or, on request, individually made to measure.


Cover Sheets for Containers and Skips

For load securing on a large scale, such as for open containers or debris skips, there are our container tarpaulins.

Our flat tarps for containers are also made of air-permeable polyethylene fabric and are therefore extremely stable, weatherproof and also UV-resistant. Therefore, the tarpaulins are ideally suited for long-term outdoor use and protect your cargo not only from falling down, but also from sunlight and weather influences, should the cargo stand outside for a longer period of time.

We offer container tarpaulins in nine different sizes for the common container models. However, if you need your container tarpaulins in individual size, you can also get them custom-made per m².

To facilitate the attachment of the tarpaulins to the container, our container tarpaulins have edge reinforcement as well as eyelets of the highest quality at regular intervals. You simply pull tensioning lines, expander ropes or tensioning straps through these and thus fix the tarpaulin quickly and reliably to the container.

Note: Our tarps for trailers and containers are to be used exclusively as flat covers and are suitable for small, loose loads. They do not replace form-fitting load securing according road traffic acts or other traffic regulations. For coarser and especially for bulky loads, our cover nets, container nets or webbing nets could be the best choice.


Cover Tarpaulins Made to Measure

With our tear-resistant and weatherproof tarpaulins for trailers and containers, you can easily secure loose and light transport goods.

The tarpaulins from Safetynet365 are available in many common sizes for car trailers, flatbeds and containers as well as in many different colors. If the prefabricated sizes do not fit for you, we will be happy to manufacture a tarpaulin individually made to measure - so you are guaranteed to find the right tarpaulin for your trailer or container with us.

Tip: When choosing the right flat tarpaulin, you should make sure that it is slightly larger than the opening of the trailer or container to be closed. Only in this way you can properly fasten the tarpaulin at the edges.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Responsible for Securing the Load?

The driver or the owner of the vehicle is responsible for securing the load on trucks, cars and other transport vehicles. He must ensure that the load is properly secured, i.e. that it does not slip or even fall off during braking and evasive maneuvers. If a load is not properly secured, the owner or driver of the car or van may face fines. Tarpaulins for trailers and containers are particularly suitable for properly securing loads, as they are easy and flexible to install and also reliably protect loose and light loads.


What is the Difference Between Flat Tarpaulins and High Tarpaulins for Trailers?

Flat covers for trailers are tarpaulins that you stretch directly over the opening of the trailer. The flat cover is slightly larger than the opening of the trailer itself and can be attached directly to the sides of the trailer using tensioning ropes. For the installation of high tarpaulins, on the other hand, you need a hoop frame that you fix in the trailer. The trailer tarpaulin is stretched over the frame and can be mounted at a greater distance from the trailer opening. High tarpaulins are particularly suitable if the load on the trailer protrudes in height beyond the dimensions of the trailer.


For which Goods are Tarpaulins?

Thanks to their closed and finely meshed fabric, tarpaulins are particularly suitable for securing loads of loose and light transport goods. This mainly includes bulk goods, such as sand and gravel, or mulch or soil.


How Long do Tarpaulins Last?

Good tarpaulins can withstand wind and weather for several years. Our tarpaulins made of the stable material polyethylene are tear-resistant, weatherproof and UV-resistant. This makes the tarpaulins very durable and suitable for long-term use both indoors and outdoors.


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