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Trailer Sheets

Cargo Cover Sheets, Iindividually Made to Measure (by the m²)

Trailer sheets help drivers to safely transport their cargo on a trailer. Use of these translucent tarpaulins made of hard-wearing plastic helps to secure cargo properly in road traffic. They ensure that even if a driver brakes sharply, the cargo stays right where it belongs – on the trailer or flatbed.

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Air-Permeable Cargo Cover Sheet by the m² (Custom-Made)

with reinforced edges and eyelets

Weight: approx. 200 g/m²
Material: polyethylene
Shading: 50 : 50

Shipping Time: 12-14 working days
excl. VAT *1starting at7,94 € / m²incl. VAT *2starting at9,45 € / m²
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At you’ll find just the right size: our trailer sheets are gauged to fit standard sizes of trailers and flatbeds. Our product range includes trailer tarpaulins for the smallest trailers measuring 1.50 m x 2 m or for large flatbed trucks with a loading area of 3 m x 8 m.


Use of Durable Materials

The trailer sheets available from Safetynet365 are made of high-tech plastic: polyethylene. The UV-resistant material protects the cargo from solar irradiation and ensures that it is not heated-up or damaged by it.

In addition, the plastic is extremely tear proof and therefore durable. Although the trailer tarpaulin does keep off dampness, e.g. in drizzle or frost, due to the perforation it is not 100% waterproof. However, the perforation ensures that the air permeable cargo tarpaulin does not balloon due to the slipstream.

At our shop, we also offer the accessories that you need. Alternatively, to attach a tarpaulin to your vehicle, you can order a tarpaulin with an integrated rubber tensioning rope. Other anchorage methods are also possible. These can be practical if a tarpaulin is to be manufactured individually made to measure.


Cargo Securing is Indispensable in Road Traffic

When you buy trailer tarpaulins from the Safetynet365 shop, you can be sure that all the products offered are convenient for securing a cargo in road traffic. For, the correct securing of cargo is absolutely mandatory for being allowed to participate in road traffic, pursuant to Section 22 of the German Road Traffic Regulations (StVO). As a vehicle owner, you have a responsibility to stow the cargo in such a way that it does not fall out during even during the most extreme manoeuvres.

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