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Construction-Site Fencing & Screens

Construction site fences and screens are erected on construction sites to ensure the necessary safety. Basically, its task is to make hazardous areas recognizable and to demarcate them. They are used to demarcate construction site areas and prevent unauthorized persons from entering. In this way, accidents are prevented and safety on the construction site is strengthened.

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Custom-Made Shading Net - 50% Shading Factor

with reinforced edges and eyelets

Weight: approx. 200 g/m²
Material: polyethylene
Shading: 50 : 50

Shipping Time: 16-18 working days
excl. VAT *1starting at 7,52 € / m² incl. VAT *2starting at 8,95 € / m²
Screen Netting - 90% Shading Factor - by the mē (Custom-Made)

with reinforced edges and eyelets

Weight: approx. 320 g/m²
Material: polyethylene
Shading: 90 : 10

Shipping Time: 16-18 working days
excl. VAT *1starting at 11,13 € / m² incl. VAT *2starting at 13,25 € / m²
Hoarding Screen 1.80 x 3.45 m

fitting one hoarding panel
Weight: approx. 150 g/m²
Material: polyethylene

Shipping Time: 4-6 working days
excl. VAT *114,00 €incl. VAT *216,66 €
Construction Site Safety Fence 50 m

Height: 1.00 m
Length: 50.00 m

Shipping Time: 6-8 working days
excl. VAT *169,50 €incl. VAT *282,71 €
Construction Site Perimeter Fence 25 m

with included posts
Height: 0.85 m
Length: 25.00 m

Shipping Time: 6-8 working days
excl. VAT *1110,08 €incl. VAT *2131,00 €
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Is It Necessary To Secure A Construction Site Against Access?

Yes, construction sites must generally be secured against access to ensure the safety of workers and passers-by. This applies in particular if the construction site is located in a public area and is therefore accessible to everyone. In such cases, the construction site must be cordoned off to prevent unauthorized persons from entering or falling in. The cordoning off measures can vary, for example, construction site safety fencing, barrier tape or barrier grids can be used. The type of barrier measures depends on the size of the construction site and the risk potential.


Should Construction Site Fences Also Have Privacy Screens?

It makes sense to also attach a privacy screen to construction site safety fences. This has particular advantages if the construction site is located in a densely populated area or if it is frequented by many passers-by. A visual screen helps to divert the attention of passengers from the construction site and thus increase their safety. This can also prevent accidents that could be caused by distracted passersby. In addition, a visual screen can also help protect the privacy of local residents by preventing them from being observed from the construction site.


Costing Next to Nothing: a Plastic Construction-Site Fence

It’s important to differentiate between a plastic building-site safety fence and a metal hoarding. The latter is suitable for preventing theft from building sites, whereas – as a one-meter-high plastic fence – the building-site fence serves solely to demarcate areas as a barrier fence. However, it is a suitable low-cost alternative if no anti-theft protection is needed. It’s cheaper and can be deployed in an extremely mobile way – and in just a few minutes, a building site can be made completely safe. The advantage here is that the building-site safety fence is delivered as a 25 or 50 m roll which can be quickly unrolled and set up in a jiffy. We use a high-tech plastic which really does what it promises: the material withstands all outdoor weather conditions for many years, so that the plastic can be safely relied on to be weatherproof and thus resistant to weathering. In addition, it is UV-stable and air permeable.

Recommended Accessory

Snap Hook 60 x 6 mm
excl. VAT *10,42 €incl. VAT *20,50 €
Steel Cable 4/5 mm (PVC-Coated) - Available by the Meter
excl. VAT *1starting at 2,00 € / m incl. VAT *2starting at 2,38 € / m
Cable Strap 7.8 x 300 mm
excl. VAT *10,25 €incl. VAT *20,30 €
*1 excluding VAT plus shipping charges*2 including VAT plus shipping charges
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07/07/2022 - Alejandra Natalia P.
5 of 5 Stars!
We loved the net! It was exactly what we wanted, the color and fit were perfect. The 50% shaded net works great to let enough sunshine pass for our plants while giving us the privacy we needed. I recommend...
29/05/2023 - Scott M.
4 of 5 Stars!
Great product,
Used this as a visual barrier whilst our company carried out construction work close to an unprotected cliff edge.
We drilled 14mm holes into the rock, slipped the poles into the holes...
26/10/2017 - p. s.
5 of 5 Stars!
Excellent quality and price, order done on measure very quickly and delivered very quickly as well. Support answers to all requests. You can buy safely knowing you will receive quality products. Have bought...
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