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Safety Nets for Industrial Use

Learn more about different industrial netting, their purposes and the requirements that the safety nets must meet.

Safety nets are used in a variety of ways in industry and crafts. The nets must therefore withstand a wide variety of requirements. Industrial nets are used to secure people as well as to secure racks and transport loads. To meet all requirements, there are different net variants that are specially designed for their respective purpose.



Nets For Industry And Craft

Personnel Safety Nets

The purpose of safety nets is to catch falling persons. These safety nets are used on construction sites, for example, in scaffolding, overhead line and hall construction. So that people are safely caught in the event of a fall, the safety net must provide a certain energy absorption. The safety nets offered in the Safetynet365 store exceed the required minimum energy absorption when new and thus offer the greatest possible safety.


Scaffold Guardrail Nets

In contrast to fall safety nets, guardrail nets or scaffold nets protect people from falling from scaffolding or roofs. In addition, guardrail nets on construction sites protect passers-by from falling construction debris or similar. Accordingly, guadrail nets must also be able to absorb sufficient impact energy and must not exceed a certain mesh size. Side protection nets from Safetynet365 meet all safety regulations and requirements.


Shelf Safety Nets

Shelf or rack safety nets are used in high-bay warehouses. Here, the industrial nets protect both the goods stored high up from falling down as well as persons from possibly falling goods. The choice of material thickness for shelf safety nets is based on the weight and size of the stored goods. A mesh size of 45 mm is the safety standard for these industrial nets.


Light Dome Safety Nets

Dome light nets stretch over dome lights on buildings to protect roof workers from collapses and falls. Dome lights on roofs are difficult to see, especially when there is snow or in the dark. An installed safety net can prevent major accidents here. The dome light nets from Safetynet365 are made of tear-resistant polypropylene and are equipped with the highest weather resistance against ice, snow and moisture.


Safety nets for stairs, kindergarten & water slide

Other industrial nets are safety nets for stairs, kindergartens and water slides. In kindergartens, for example, it makes sense to secure second levels in rooms with safety nets. This reduces the risk of injury in the event of a fall. In addition, any toys that fall down are caught by the net. The same applies to staircases: If the staircase railings are installed at too high a distance or if staircase eyes pose a safety risk, staircase safety nets can be used to reduce the risk of falling. Water slide safety nets are mainly installed on open water slides, such as those found in outdoor swimming pools. Here, they provide fall protection in case a person slides over the edge of the slide.


Tailor-made Safety Nets

The industrial nets from Safetynet365 are each available in different prefabricated sizes as well as in different material thicknesses. However, you can also get the industrial nets of each type in individual size made to measure. Shelf safety nets, for example, are adapted to the size of standard shelves. However, if your shelves have other dimensions, we will be happy to custom-make safety nets for you. Especially safety nets for kindergartens and ohter vertical purposes usually need to be made to measure, because the rooms are specially designed and slides are individually curved. But also safety nets and side protection nets, for example for construction sites, are useful in custom sizes, because they are easier to install and offer the highest safety. Use our configurator for made-to-measure safety nets or contact us directly stating your requirements for the net.


Animal Protection Nets

With animal protection nets you either protect your animals from other animals or you protect fruits and vegetables from being eaten by animals. Both are a great way to provide farm animals with more freedom, sunshine and fresh air as well. For example, poultry are less confined under an outdoor shelter net than they are in an enclosed building. Fruits and vegetables often thrive best in natural weather and are optimally protected by suitable protective netting.


Bird Netting

Bird protection nets are used to protect fruit trees, plantations or building facades from birds. Depending on the species of birds you need to protect fruit and vegetables from, choose the appropriate mesh from three different mesh sizes. The smaller the type of bird, the narrower the mesh size on the protective net should be. You can also install bird protection nets in higher areas such as balconies to protect plants.


Poultry Nets And Aviary Nets

Also among the bird netting are poultry nets and aviary nets. Our poultry nets reliably protect chickens, geese or ducks from predators. Also for nets for aviaries you choose the material thickness and mesh size and specify the length and width of the net according to your requirements - here every net is an individual custom-made product.


Nets For Machine And Object Protection

Safety nets for machine and object protection are, for example, rack safety nets for securing goods on high racks and paper catcher nets that you stretch over landfills to prevent light materials such as paper and foils from flying away. Conveyor belt safety nets at the sides and underneath conveyor belts secure materials and goods on moving belts. Furthermore, there are special safety nets to secure embankments, roof tiles and wind turbines. All of these industrial nets are weather-resistant and available custom-fit to meet your requirements.


Windscreen Netting

Windscreen nets from Safetynet365 are made of UV-resistant polypropylene fabric and ensure that people, animals and goods are protected from wind and do not suffer wind damage. Windbreaking nets are often used in the industrial sector, where, for example, they provide more air circulation in large warehouses in contrast to solid walls. In agriculture, the nets are used in and around stables, where they provide solid wind protection for the animals. The fabric of the nets is nevertheless permeable to air, so that the nets do not inflate excessively even in strong winds.


Privacy Nets

Privacy nets and shading nets are used, for example, on fences to provide more security and privacy at events. You can also protect unfinished buildings or similar from too curious looks. Privacy nets are available in various densities and shades. They can be easily attached to objects such as fences with the help of ropes thanks to the sewn edge, which is equipped with eyelets. Since the privacy nets provide not only privacy but also shade, they can also be used as shading nets against strong sunlight.


Cargo Nets

Transport or cargo nets include load securing nets for cars and tarpaulins for trailers as well as container nets and cargo transport nets. Transport nets are primarily used to protect loaded goods from slipping and being thrown out of the transport vehicle. At the same time, the nets protect road traffic and people from falling materials. Cargo nets are used to transport loads by gathering them in the net and transporting them from A to B using a crane, for example. Cargo nets nets are available at Safetynet365 in prefabricated sizes or individually tailored to your requirements. The mesh size of the nets depends on the size and weight of the goods to be secured or transported.


Frequently Asked Questions

In Which Size Do I Order An Industrial Net?

Always order your safety net in the size you actually need. Either one of our prefabricated nets fits your requirements or you order a custom-made one. To determine the size you need, always measure from attachment point to attachment point.


What Are The Sizes And Shapes?

There are hardly any limits to the size of our industrial netting. In length, up to several hundred meters are possible without any problems. The maximum web width is 10 to 20 meters, depending on the material thickness and mesh size. If you need wider nets, we can sew individual sections together for you. There are also hardly any restrictions on the shape: Special shapes such as trapezoids, triangles and circles are usually no problem.


Are The Industrial Nets Washable And Suitable For Outdoor Use?

All our industrial nets are UV and weather resistant and thus optimally equipped for many years of outdoor use. The security nets made of polypropylene and polyester can be washed at low temperatures without any problems. The fabric tarpaulins are also washable in principle, but will shrink slightly in the process.


Can I Cut The Nets By Myself?

In fact, you can cut the safety nets yourself. In the case of nets that are intended to catch and secure people and goods, you should refrain from cutting them yourself, as otherwise the protective nets will lose their certification and their approval for personal protection. Smaller nets for privacy protection in the garden and on the terrace as well as bird protection nets can be cut to size yourself without any problems. Keep in mind that cut tarpaulins can lose the eyelets for fastening.


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