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Custom-Made Tennis Court Screening

Serve: The trajectory is calculated, the blow connects and the ball flies over the net as planned, until a violent gust of wind before impact still blows it out of bounds. Strong winds on the tennis court affect the game and can lead to unfair matches. Fence the playing field with our Tennis Court Screening and thus make for playable wind conditions. At the same time, the Tennis Court Screening is a semi-transparent screen. It reduces distractions from the outside and lets players focus more on the game. This is especially true if several tennis matches are played simultaneously and you use the tennis court screens as a dividing net between two fields. If a ball strays from the field even without strong wind, the tennis court screen also serves as a ball net. No wind, no distraction, no lost balls: This is how tennis matches are fun.

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Tennis Court Screen by the mē (Custom-Made)

with reinforced edges and eyelets

Weight: approx. 200 g/m²
Material: polyethylene
Shading: 50 : 50

Shipping Time: 6-8 working days
excl. VAT *1starting at 7,52 € / m² incl. VAT *2starting at 8,95 € / m²
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The Right Tennis Court Screening for your Tennis Court

Our polyethylene tennis court screenings are ideal for outdoor use. The material absorbs no moisture, has UV stabilization and thus has a good weather resistance. Made of closemesh fabric panels, the screens are air permeable, so they do not inflate in strong winds. At the same time, they keep enough wind, so that the game is not affected. According to your needs, you decide on the production of tennis court panels. Depending on the size of the tennis court, determine the length of the net and determine the width of the screen. Do you only need a man-sized screen or do you need a ball stop net several meters high? In addition, we offer tennis court panels in different colors. In our color palette from dark and light green to silver, white and blue to orange, terracotta and cream you will find a suitable color for your playing field.



How to Attach Tennis Court Screens Reliably

Depending on the color chosen, the Tennis Court Screens have brass or stainless steel eyelets to secure the fabric to the playing field fence. In our shop you will find all the accessories you need for attachment. Simply hook in the net with snap hooks or tie it down with cable straps. For stronger hold of the screen you may use the combination of steel cable and a shroud turnbuckle with brackets. With a lead cord, you can also burden the bottom edge of the tennis screen to the ground. For this we insert the lead cord in the webbing, which is placed around the edge of the net and sewn there. So your tennis court screen stays in place in wind and weather.

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