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Cargo Cover Sheets

Trailer Cover Sheets

  Size of Trailer/Flatbed  Required Sheet Size
  1.30 x 2.50 m  2.00 x 3.00 m
  1.50 x 3.00 m  2.50 x 3.50 m
  2.00 x 2.70 m  3.00 x 3.50 m
  2.20 x 3.60 m  3.00 x 4.00 m

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Proper load securing when transporting goods by car is important to ensure safety on the road. With the help of trailer tarpaulins and load securing nets, you can easily and quickly prevent loose parts of your load from falling off the trailer during the journey. This will not only increase your own safety, but also that of other road users.

With our stable and weather-resistant flat tarpaulins, you can not only secure large transport goods, but also transport small loads, such as gravel or sand, without any problems.

The trailer tarpaulins from Safetynet365 are available in many common sizes. Whether for small car trailers with the dimensions 1.30 x 2.50 m, large flatbeds with a loading area of 3.00 x 4.00 m or individually made to measure - with us you will find the right tarpaulin for your trailer. We will be happy to advise you on your choice!


Trailer Tarpaulins Made of Durable Materials

Our tarpaulin fabric is made of polyethylene and is therefore extremely tear-resistant and weatherproof. Due to an additional UV stabilization, our tarpaulins are ideally suited for long-term use both outdoors and indoors and protect your transport goods from sunlight and other influences.

To prevent the trailer tarpaulin from blowing up due to the wind, the polyethylene fabric is perforated to allow air to pass through. This prevents the tarpaulin from tearing due to excessive wind pressure and being blown off the trailer in this way.

The material of our trailer tarpaulins is 100% non-toxic, even the contact with mucous membranes (mouth, eyes) is completely safe.


Attachment Options for Trailer Tarpaulins

All our trailer tarpaulins in common dimensions are equipped with round eyelets for fastening all around. This offers you various fastening options on the drop sides of the trailers and flatbed trucks, such as with a rubber cord or with tensioning loops or hooks.

The sturdy hem with sewn-in reinforcing tape prevents the eyelets from tearing out of the tarpaulin fabric under tension.


Trailer Cargo Sheets Made to Measure

If the common dimensions of the trailer tarpaulin are not suitable for your purposes, you have the possibility with our configurator to design your custom trailer tarpaulin completely individually. You can freely choose not only the size and color, but also the distance of the eyelets in the tarpaulin fabric.

When measuring the tarpaulin, you should always ensure that it is larger than the area to be covered. We recommend an overhang of just under 25 cm on each dropside. You can also choose the eyelets according to your needs - along the entire hem or only in the corners of the tarpaulin, depending on which fastening option you have provided.

In our store you will also find suitable accessories for your trailer tarpaulins, such as tensioning cords, span loops or lashing straps.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between Flat Tarpaulins and High Tarpaulins?

Flat tarpaulins are stretched directly over the opening of the trailer or flatbed and fastened to the side walls of the trailer, for example, with rubber cords or tensioning hooks.

For a high tarpaulin, on the other hand, a so-called "spriegelgestell" must be attached to the trailer. The high tarpaulin is then stretched over the frame and attached to it and to the drop sides. High tarpaulins are particularly suitable for transporting large and bulky goods that exceed the normal height of the trailer.


How Much Does a New Trailer Tarp Cost?

The cost of a new trailer tarpaulin varies depending on the size and equipment (eg eyelets). The prices for high-quality trailer tarpaulins in common dimensions range in our Safetynet365 store from about 40 € to 100 €.


Is it Possible to Paint a Trailer Tarpaulin?

Trailer tarpaulins made of polyethylene are difficult to paint, as the paint tends to adhere poorly to the tarpaulin fabric. In addition, painting poses the risk of closing the special air-permeable perforations, which many trailer tarpaulins have, with the paint. This increases the risk of the trailer tarpaulin blowing up in a strong wind.

If you wish a special color for your trailer tarpaulin, you will find a wide range of colors in our configurator for custom tarpaulins.


How High is a Trailer With Tarpaulin?

The height a trailer with a tarpaulin reaches depends on whether it is only a flat tarpaulin or a high tarpaulin with a corresponding frame. While the height of flat tarpaulins only exceeds the height of the trailer's side walls to a limited extent, trailers with high tarpaulins and a frame can reach considerably higher. By law, however, a car trailer may not exceed a maximum height of four meters.
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