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Custom-Made Nets

Whether the scaffolding on construction sites, trees in the garden or the goals of various ball sports, if suitable nets are needed, they often need a custom size. We from Safetynet365 manufacture functional and protective nets to fit any size. Find out below which nets and tarpaulins you can get from us made to measure, what to look for when buying and what advantages a made-to-measure net brings.



Buy Netting Made to Measure

When it comes to safety nets, it's all about custom fit installation to ensure the nets provide the level of safety you want and need. A custom made stop net that is sized to fit your exact requirements and needs is best when installed in accordance with the safety guidelines for various safety nets. The same applies to the material thickness as well as the mesh size: with a custom-made stop net, you will receive your safety net in individual size in various material thicknesses from 1.0 mm to 6.0 mm. You can combine the thickness with different mesh sizes between 8.0 mm and 300 mm depending on your needs. In addition, you select your custom-made stop net in the matching color, so that the safety net fits perfectly to your individual purpose in terms of protection and safety as well as in terms of appearance.

At Safetynet365 you get safety nets of any kind from the finer bird protection net to the robust personal protection net as well as goods protection nets for industrial needs. All custom-made personal safety nets are EN-certified and comply with the current DGUV regulation 101-011, which means that they officially serve as fall protection.


Safety Nets Made to Measure by the m²

Safety nets include personal safety nets, i.e. safety nets for people on construction sites, for example. There are also goal nets and ball stop nets for various ball sports. Ball catching nets, for example, protect spectators at a sporting event from flying balls. Protection and stop nets also include load securing nets such as car or trailer nets, which secure loads from slipping and being thrown out. Shelf protection nets, animal protection nets and side protection nets also fall into this category.

You can get knotless protection and stop nets at Safetynet365 in prefabricated sizes as well as in individual dimensions per m². Choose from different material thicknesses and mesh sizes the right safety net in the length and width of your choice. You can configure all nets in centimeters and / or square meters to your needs. We are also happy to customize special shapes such as trapezoids or triangles for you.

The custom-made safety nets are made of durable and long-lasting polypropylene or polyester. Many of the nets are available with a circumferential edge, which gives the net more stable attachment points. For this edge, an additional rope is sewn or linked to the edge meshes of the net.


Custom-Made Climbing Nets

Climbing nets are suitable for outdoor use on playgrounds or in the garden for playful climbing for children. But climbing nets can also be integrated inside the house, for example on the loft bed in the children's room, as well as in larger rooms such as gyms.

Safetynet365 offers custom-made climbing nets per m² made of either hercules rope or polypropylene rope. Nets made of polypropylene rope have the classic climbing net look and are softer to the touch - Hercules rope climbing nets, on the other hand, are more abrasion-resistant and withstand the highest demands for many years.

Prefabricated climbing nets as well as special designs for individual use are available in material thicknesses of 16 mm, 20 mm and 25 mm with different mesh sizes. So you get a climbing net in the selected net thickness exactly in the length, width and shape that you need. Buy your climbing net at Schutznetze24 also in the appropriate color - with the custom climbing nets are different net colors available.


Sheets And Tarpaulins per m²

In addition to protective and climbing nets, at Safetynet365 you will also find a selection of air-permeable tarpaulins, which we also custom make for you. With the robust, weather- and UV-resistant fabric tarpaulins, you can protect yourself and materials stored outside from sunlight, among other things: Use custom-made tarpaulins for your gazebo, for example, or as a cover for your sandbox.

For the material you choose here from air-permeable polypropylene or polyethylene, from polyester mesh or from natural jute fabric. You also select the color of the tarpaulin and the distance between the eyelets for fastening and specify the desired length and width of the tarpaulin. Matching the respective color of the net, the eyelets at the edge of the tarpaulin are made of either brass or stainless steel.


Custom-Made Goal Nets

Goal nets must be individual, especially in their size and mesh size - in different sports there are different goal and ball sizes to which the net must adapt. Thus, a goal net for field hockey games must have tighter meshes than a goal net for soccer. Safetynet365 offers high-strength and reliable goal nets in individual dimensions for the requirements of each sport. Simply specify the required dimensions in length and width or square meters and get a custom-fit goal net. In addition, different colors are available, so you can choose the net in terms of appearance according to specifications or even in club colors - during configuration, two-color or colorful goal nets are also possible.

At Safertynet365 you can also find custom-made ball stop nets. With these nets you protect the spectators or nearby traffic at soccer, handball and co. from flying balls. Also pay attention to the required mesh size for ball nets depending on the area of application.


Accessories For Custom-Made Netting

The custom-made protective net or tarpaulin must be securely and firmly fixed at the place of destination. For fastening you will find ropes, eyelets, hooks, screws as well as tools. For securing the load with car and trailer nets you will find suitable tension belts. Think in advance where and how you want to fix your protective net. Then you can order the required ropes, eyelets and hooks directly with the net and immediately begin with the installation, as soon as the safety net arrives.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Big Can Custom Nets Be?

You can get our safety nets in your desired size. There are almost no limits in the length of the net, they can be several hundred meters long. The maximum web width depends on the thickness of the net and the mesh size, and in most cases it is between 10 and 20 meters. If wider nets are needed or the nets are relatively narrow, there is a possibility that we sew several sections together.


Can I Cut The Netting By Myself?

You can cut our nets to the required size yourself. In the case of nets that do not have to support a large load, such as bird protection nets, cutting them to size yourself is no problem. In this case, cut the individual strands of the net in the middle. Be careful not to cut the net directly at the knots or, in the case of knotless nets, not at interlaced points. On the other hand, cutting a personal safety net by hand is not recommended, as the safety net loses its approval if the dimensions specified by the manufacturer are changed.


Are Special Shapes Possible For Protective Nets?

Custom-made protective nets are also available in special shapes such as circles, triangles or trapezoids. The size of such custom-made products depends only on the mesh size. This is because, depending on how far apart the meshes are, it is not possible to cut them into the desired shape at any given point.


Are The Protective Nets And Fabrics Suitable For Outdoor Use?

All prefabricated as well as custom-made protective nets and tarpaulins are UV and weather resistant and can therefore be used outdoors without hesitation.


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