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Ball Stop Nets for Squash Courts

Squash has meanwhile become a popular sport all over the world. Due to the increasing demand of the past few years, ever more sports facilities now have squash courts where the sport can be played. Above all outdoor squash courts often use high-quality polypropylene ball stop nets.

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Ball Stop Net for Squash by the m² (Custom-Made)

with reinforced selvage cord

Rope Diameter: 1.0 mm
Mesh Size: 20 mm
Material: high tenacity polypropylene, knotless

Shipping Time: 22-24 working days
excl. VAT *1starting at4,20 € / m²incl. VAT *2starting at5,00 € / m²
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Squash Ball Stop Nets for Private Use Too

In the private sector, too, a question that comes up ever more often is: sauna or squash court? Ideally, you don’t have to choose but can instead treat yourself to both. However it’s clear that squash has also won the hearts of amateur athletes as well. Especially as you can also play this versatile sport by yourself. Alone in the squash court, playing against yourself – safely encircled by the ball stop net. This is the perfect sport for unwinding!


A Better View and an Airy Atmosphere

In squash, high, transparent and partly permeable walls of loose netting ensure that the ball stays in the squash court. At the same time, spectators can easily see the court from outside through the coarse-meshed squash ball stop net. During matches, in particular, the ball net sometimes even offers an advantage over glass squash courts as, as sunlight or light reflections can make it difficult to see the actual game clearly. Above all, dark-colored ball stop nets absorb a lot of light and can therefore provide an even better view of the court. From the viewpoint of the players, too, a squash ball net in black can, for example, make a big difference to your playing experience. Everything seems more airy and free.


Squash Ball Stop Nets Individually Made-to-Measure

The ball nets for squash are available in different material thicknesses and are produced with knotless meshes. The border running all around ensures the durability of the net and guarantees extra weather-resistance in addition to that of the basic material.

Order a made-to-measure ball net for your squash court. If you aren’t sure about the measurements and finding it hard to decide on the details, we’re happy to help you choose the right net. Please feel free to contact us for advice any time.

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