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Ball Stop Nets for Cricket

Cricket is a sport that is focused on the duel between the bowler and the batsmen. Here, the ball is bowled and batted – although as cricket balls fly at low heights, it isn’t necessary to install a ball net for cricket in the stadium. However, the catch net plays a particularly important role in training.

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Ball Stop Net for Cricket by the m² (Custom-Made)

with reinforced selvage cord

Rope Diameter: 2.3 mm
Mesh Size: 45 mm
Material: high tenacity polypropylene, knotless

Shipping Time: 10-12 working days
excl. VAT *1starting at5,08 € / m²incl. VAT *2starting at6,05 € / m²
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The Value of a Cricket Ball Stop Net in Training

The reason why the ball stop net for cricket is so important in training sessions is that due to its stop function, it keeps the ball within the confined training space where it’s needed. A rectangular area partitioned off by a catch net is sufficient for the key focus of training: bowling and batting. This allows several training grounds to be set up next to one another. This “range” can be installed both inside the sports hall and outdoors.

When deployed in a sports hall, the cricket net can be hung from the ceiling using suspension ropes, cords, clips or carabiners. There are a wide variety of options for fastening the net. The net itself is available from the Safetynet365 shop with a material thickness of 2.3 mm, which is comparable to the ball net for the similar sport baseball. The mesh measures 45 mm and can therefore withstand the force of a cricket ball with a diameter of 7.2 cm and a weight of about 160 g. It thus functions simultaneously as a safety net for the surrounding area. In outdoor use, the net is usually mounted in a range set up using a fence or pole construction. There are multiple options for installing the net.


Order Individually Made-to-Measure Training Nets for Cricket

Our weather-resistant, knotless nets of high tenacity polypropylene, which are available in different colors, are of tested quality. You measure out the length and width of the net you want, so that we can make your cricket ball stop net in accordance with your individual requirements. If you have any questions or special requests, simply contact us!

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