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Animal Protection Nets

Animal protection nets are mostly used in industry and commerce as bird protection nets. On buildings and facades, the nets facilitate your efforts in repelling pigeons. In poultry farming, nets protect the animals from natural enemies and provide a safe run. Learn more about our animal protection nets for industry and commerce below!



Bird Netting

With bird protection nets you protect among other things buildings, facades, fruit and vegetable plantations from birds. Especially in cities, where many pigeons live, animal protection nets are worthwhile for pigeon defense on buildings and facades. Pigeons like to settle here and contaminate the facades with their droppings. In the fight against them, a variety of methods such as spikes are used, but they can also be dangerous to the animals. Bird protection nets on buildings facilitate the efforts and effectively keep pigeons away from facades without the birds injuring themselves on the nets.

With bird protection nets for pigeon defense, the most important thing is the right mesh size. Nets with 50 mm mesh size are sufficient to keep pigeons away effectively. At Safetynet365 you buy bird protection nets with this mesh size or also more closely meshed nets as required per square meter made to measure.

Bird protection nets are also suitable for your fruit and vegetable plantations or fields: Birds interested in your crops will not be able to reach fruits and vegetables thanks to netting, which will make your work easier and increase your crop yield. You can stretch a bird protection net over fruit trees and shrubs, for example, or closer to the ground directly over fields and individual field sections. In addition, our bird protection nets are also suitable for vineyards. Again, the effect of the nets depends on the right mesh size: The smaller the birds you want to keep out, the tighter-meshed the netting needs to be. A mesh size of 20 to 30 mm will keep out most smaller animals. If in doubt, opt for a close-meshed animal protection net or ask us for advice.

You can buy our bird protection nets in different colors as well as made to measure, so that the nets fit perfectly to the object to be protected and integrate visually inconspicuous.


Install Bird Protection Nets

You can mount bird protection nets in different ways. If you use ropes for mounting, wrap the closing edge of the net with the rope, capturing each mesh. Then you can mount the rope together with animal protection net to, for example, posts. If you need to bridge a certain distance between two attachment points, use a steel cable to give the net stability.

Alternatively, the installation of the bird protection nets with cable ties or ring clamps, if the attachment points allow a wrap. For fixing on wood, the work also goes well with staples or U shaped nails. If you want to anchor the net directly in the ground, use ground anchors and pegs. You can select suitable accessories for the bird protection net assembly in our store at a reasonable price directly to your nets.


Poultry Nets And Aviary Nets

Poultry nets and aviary nets are especially designed to protect birds and other animals such as poultry. The protective nets keep natural enemies out of the aviary or staging area and limit the space for the animals to be protected. Under the aviary nets, birds and poultry are safe from natural enemies.

In poultry farming, the poultry nets are used mainly in outdoor areas. Inside the nets the animals are safe, which is especially beneficial for young animals and chicks. At the same time, thanks to the animal protection net, the animals feel less limited in their free space than inside or in an enclosure with bars. The slightly compliant netting provides dynamic rather than rigid resistance for the animals. In addition, with poultry netting and aviary netting, you design the outdoor enclosure for your poultry and other birds to be escape-proof - at the same time, the animals remain in the fresh air.

Tip: Depending on how you want to design the outdoor area, you can also do without a fixed enclosure or aviary. With matching pillars and our bird protection nets, you can span an area in no time without major construction work. This is also a great advantage, for example, when renovating the actual aviary to provide the birds with a safe shelter for the meantime.

Aviary nets are available in our Safetynet365 store in the rope diameter of 1.5 mm, which is optimally suited for poultry protection. Depending on the type of animals to be protected, you can choose the appropriate net from different mesh sizes - we will be happy to advise you on this! Once you have decided on a protective net, we will make the required size to measure for you. So that you can install the animal protection nets escape-proof and secured against predators, you can get accessories such as ground anchors, ropes and Co. directly with it in our store.


Cat Nets

Animal protection nets also include cat nets. However, cat nets are used much less frequently in industry than bird protection nets. They are designed more for private use and are intended to protect cats from falling off balconies. Here you stretch the cat net to the lower edge of the balcony above, so that the cat can not fall down.

Our cat nets are made of tear-resistant polypropylene - so cats can not hurt themselves on wires. On the other hand, the cat can also not tear the cat net with their claws when they play with it on the balcony or climb around on it. Cat nets in different material thicknesses and with a mesh size of 30 mm you get at Safetynet365 per square meter made to measure.


Frequently Asked Questions

How To Install Bird Protection Net?

Depending on where you want to attach a bird protection net, ropes, ring clamps, nails or ground anchors are suitable for fastening. You can thread ropes through all edge meshes and thus fix the net with tension at individual attachment points. If there are larger distances between the attachment points, thread an additional steel cable through the edge meshes to give the safety net stability. You can use ring clamps or cable ties if the attachment points can be wrapped around, as is the case with railings, for example. Safety nets can be fastened well to wooden structures with staples or U shaped nails. If you want to anchor the net in the ground, use ground anchors and pegs for this work. You can find more installation instructions on our info page.


Bird Protection Net: Which Mesh Size Is Useful?

Which mesh size a bird protection net should have depends on which birds need to be protected or should be protected against. If the bird protection net is used to repel pigeons on facades, a mesh size of 50 mm is sufficient to keep the animals away. If crops are to be protected from smaller birds such as starlings and sparrows, nets with a mesh size of 20 to 30 mm are necessary.


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