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Custom-Made Safety Nets

No matter whether safety nets for loft beds or open-plan upper levels, building-site safety nets, aviary nets, fall safety nets, guardrail nets, barrier nets, climbing nets, sandbox nets or cat safety nets ‐ nets are useful aids that can be used in versatile and flexible ways to protect people and objects or to secure cargoes. We offer safety and guard nets for every requirement. Our nets are available in many different standard sizes, but can also be crafted to fulfil customers' individual requests (length and width made to measure).

Among other application, our nets are also deployed as fall safety nets or guardrail nets to protect building-site personnel. The fall safety nets and guardrail nets are European Standard-certified and conform to the currently valid rules of the German Employers' Liability Insurance Association for the Building Trade (Bau-BG). We also market safety nets for the fields of industry and sports and made-to-measure tarpaulins, as well as suitable accessories for mounting and anchoring them.


Nets Made to Measure

  • We can produce any size
  • Length & width can be freely selected
  • Almost all our nets are equipped with a border running all around (see specific product description)
  • All our nets are weather-resistant and UV-stable
  • The knotless fabric guarantees shape-stability and strength


Available Net Materials

You can find a list of all the available materials here. And of course, you can also find all the net materials at our shop. Not sure which rope diameter or mesh size is best for your requirements? Simply ask us!



At our shop, you can find nets to meet any requirement. We only market high-quality products of German manufacture for private and industrial use, as well as for the area of sports. Regular quality inspections and testing guarantee this high standard. All our nets are produced in conformity with the valid European Standards, German Technical Inspection Authority (TÜV) tests and German Institute for Standardisation (DIN) regulations.

We offer special types of net for protecting people (fall safety nets for building sites) which are approved by the German Employers' Liability Insurance Association for the Building Trade (BauBG) and certified in accordance with European Standard EN 1263. This type of safety net is equipped with an extra, firmly attached border rope for additional reinforcement at the anchorage points.

Our nets can withstand forces of up to 71.7 kN (corresponding to a weight of approx. 7,310 kg) per mesh at their weakest point. However, please remember that not every type of net is equally thick and hence strong. Special areas of application ‐ requiring, for example, the protection of people ‐ naturally call for nets of appropriate thicknesses. If you're not sure which thickness you should order, simply ask us.